First Year Chronicles With Debbie, Week 3

*By Debbie Wambui*

It took me days to write about this. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing but then it’s now here. Have you ever woken up and found an alarming text? What did you do? So when I got to our group I was welcomed by a very disturbing text. I’ll quote it “Good morning guys we have just lost one of you. We have lost Sheila yesterday night. She had an accident as she was traveling from Kisumu to Nairobi. They were with her dad please pray for the family and for her soul to rest in peace,” it stated.

You know this was no joke. Like you can imagine the texts that followed. Everyone was going R.I.P we loved you and so many things. You can imagine everyone’s status on that day, “R.I.P comrade gone too soon”. Others made a poem for her.

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This is the most exciting part of it: I know it was sad but then you can imagine after her photos were displayed people got mad. You know why? Their response was this: “aki hii mali safi na vile ni thick.” Like it got dramatic. I wish you were in the group to see people’s reactions. There before, when the photos had not been sent, they were not like that.

To make matters worse, we had a class on that day at 2pm and so someone forwarded the text to the professor and then asked him to push the class to another day so that we could mourn. Unfortunately, the lecture happened and to make matters worse the professor informed everyone since it is a common unit. So the public chat was full of R.I.P and so many other questions. Then we had a moment of silence for her too – this thing was real.

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The lecture did not take long and we got back to our respective groups. As concerned classmates, we decided to do the needful and support her family. So we mobilized people and collected money which we were supposed to send. Like being there for each other you feel me?

Now all this done, evening came. Yes we are still on the same day. Boom a screenshot is circulated telling us that she is not dead, she has not traveled and she doesn’t want to die early hahahah. We couldn’t believe this. You know contacting her number no one was picking so we thought we should give her family time to heal from the loss. Others said she was from another university others said it was a mistaken identity maybe the one we know is the one dead. My friends… the confusion that was there was just something else.

Fortunately, she texted back and explained the whole scenario that someone had taken her phone and texted everyone when she was not around. Now people were not contented with this and she was asked to send a voice note and prove, which she did after everything had cooled. But you know how people are like. They began demanding she be removed from the group so that we cannot wake up and find another text like that.

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The whole thing was funny and bad at the same time and I know many people got to her dm to disturb her and she really had a bad time to be honest since she shared but I hope all is well now. I hope you haven’t forgotten money had been collected hahahhaah so it had to be refunded to the owners. It was really something else since after that, when someone posted something people had doubts.

Away from that so we heard about the resumption of schools and got really excited. Unfortunately our excitement did not last for long. Why? The 4th years are the ones resuming and not us ….too bad. Anyway we still have high hopes that we will be at Kimathi soonest because we know too well that it is the place to be.

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