First Year Chronicles With Debbie, Week 1

*Deborah Wambui*

We worked very hard in high school so that we would secure a place in one of the best Universities in the republic. To make the long story short, we secured ourselves a place in Kimathi.

We all know of the May intake which we had waited for eagerly which never happened. Instead, Covid19 happened. So we had to stay at home – which we still are upto now. We dreamed of many things: the grand entrances haha, the tour of the school , the CU, CA, MUSLIM and others and of course the freshers night. All this has become history now.

So lets get down to business. We had our orientation online, something none of us had ever thought of before. You can imagine the virtual tour of the school that we had. By the time we lay our foot in Kimathi, some of us will already be lost in the first one week. By the way not to forget we already knew each other before this thanks to Lauren and of course Victor.

We found our way in between the valleys and all thanks to our fellow comrades who helped us out whenever we needed help – we are really grateful. Lectures began in no time. We were so excited. Others at first thought that there was nothing like online classes for first years but soon joined the pack. The school provided the bundles for us so we were ready to go but as the days turned into weeks our good friend the timetable arrived. For some of us the schedule was very tight but to some of us it was not really tight. But then the struggle is real. We are all at home. We have to ensure we complete our house hold chores, be in the farm for some of us and at the same time be in class.

For us who live in rural areas haha its a real G. Climbing trees to ensure your connection is good. It may sound funny but this is what some of us have to do in a day. Then cats came along too. We thought we would reopen schools soon so that everything would fall into place only to be met by another disappointment.

Did I forget to mention the expiry of our data and having to get back to our pockets to ensure we attend classes in this hard times? Some of us having to okoa again and again until everything is swept away and having to miss classes which we never intended to since none of us chose our background? But after all we thank God for everything and we hope for a bright future.

Join me every week for a glimpse into the life of DeKUT first years.

Feel free to drop a comment below about my article and what you would like to read in my next article.


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