Fusion Friday: Poetry Extravaganza

  1. Why are you made of glass? – ***The WordSmith, TUK***

I wish you didn’t live like you’re made of glass

I wish you didn’t look at me like I’m out of your class

I wish you weren’t this delicate

I wish you didn’t have this ‘handle with care label’

I wish…


That’s as much as I can do

There’re a lot of things I could change about you

There are too many that I can’t write down

Spell out, without losing count

I just wish there’s something more I could do

Something more tangible



I’m just saying

You don’t have to be this fragile

You don’t have to be weak and call it strength

You don’t have to

But you do it anyway


Why would you wanna live like this?


I can’t deal

The cards in my hands are good enough

I can’t play

You are chess

But I prefer something a bit more spontaneous

I want you

But I can’t take you as you are


I wish you didn’t live like you’re made of glass

Cause I’m hot

I’ll make you crack

I wish you weren’t this fragile

I’m made of stone

If I fall you can’t catch me

I wish

I wish

But what can I do?

The Wordsmith ✨


2. Early September – ***Agness Katanu***

Early September
He left…
Like others before him, he left…
Simply walked away…
The words, unsaid
Wishing it was any easier after seeing many others leave..
The tears, unshed
Her heart…
Tearing, shrinking, shriveling…
Hope… Snuffed

You’re a fool.
Foolish. Foolish. Foolish.
How could you think he’d want you?
Love you even?
Said he’s not good for her…
Wished she could say she’s perfect for him
For her…
She had a story,
Of a soul,
Broken, battered, smoked and undone,
Good luck was never a friend of that soul,
And instead, misfortune was it’s God mother…

Each step away from her, daggers to her heart
She had thought,
For once,
Just once…
She was lucky…
The lost spirit finally found a permanent home to linger in
Warm and sheltered,
Cold and reserved…
She should have known it was unwise to live a fantasy,
Undeterred by reality …
Dreams unprecedented, of a broken mind, a lost soul,
Foolish. Foolish. Foolish.

Until he pushed her out in the cold again
And now…
She’s scared and lost,
Battered, bruised, broken…
A feeling she thought she’d finally conquered.

Late September
A phone call
“I miss you…. “
A flutter in her heart
I… I need you
Don’t do this to me… Don’t give me hope
Stop. Don’t
You’re hurting me

She wished she could hate him
But hating things never worked for her…
She hates… Then she likes…
Then she loves…. Then she hates again…

3. When you left I gained it all – ***Cathra Sambili, Embu***

I looked at you and that was the beginning of my
The smile charming,felt my heart warming
A shiver in my body and I knew I was sick,sick
because it was love at first sight.
You ask about connection? It was perfect say like
pen and paper
I didn’t know it would turn soar as pepper
Our touching moved from the hands and you
rooted yourself in my heart,it was beautiful how we
both loved art
It was all perfect,l felt high for you were my rocket
The sun was setting, setting with our love
Our stars were no longer shooting, but down they
continued falling.
With no warning you walked away, leaving me in
I wanted to hurt you back,but how could I yet I had
your back!
I felt weak,angry,shocked but you opened my eyes
At our favorite spot I sat and promised to be my
own star,your memories never to stir
I won’t be a monster,I am my life’s master
So I will turn the pain into some gain,for when you
left, gained it all.
I became my own star.
Cathra Sambili

4. No more playing it safe – ***Njeru J. Mugo, DeKUT***

I used to play it safe,
I had a reason for why I’d fail,
Seeking solace in backup in case I never became,
A coward I was, blind to the person I had to be,
I used to play it safe,
Because I had limits I set for me,
Ones I never anticipated to supercede,
I was scared to become,
Cause I’d have to step on toes,
Toes I didn’t think I could live without,
Because I’d intimidate friends,
My folks would wonder what became of me,
Being the good guy, instinctively I cowered in,
Suppressed of my being for validation,
Cautious of how I’d play my cards,of how it’d pan out
I used to play it safe,
But then life happens, amazed at the pace it takes,
Meticulous in the chaos it breathes life too,
Life will humble your fears down,
Bring you face to face with the mortality you ignore,
The death you so much wish to not believe to exist,
Tables turned quickly, friends turned foes,
I was lost in storm, a fade that had me ablaze,
left all alone, only me could save me,
I’m morphing to the being I was made to be,
Vindictive for the time I lost, the energy wasted,
Unapologetic in the pursuit of my being,
I have no fear, fierce to set my soul ablaze,
I can only thrive as me, the only being I have left,
May God see me through,


5. A bad lover – ***Shuma***

I’m a bad lover
I use you
I’m not even sure I love you
I don’t deserve you
Maybe you don’t me
Maybe I’m selfish
But it feels good to abuse you
I take it all out on you
I push you away but I bring you back myself
I’m not sorry I hide our relationship
Sometimes it’s my friends
I blame them
Yeah… Whachu! gonna do about it
You destroy me
But they do bring you back to me
And each time you look more beautiful than the last
And I breath you in till I can’t think straight
You make me happy
I don’t deny that
I mean… I laugh at everything that’s said
You calm my anger
You make me sleep so good
Maybe I do love you
But would I really push you away if I truly did
I’ll breath you in today
Just today
Maybe, just maybe, I won’t tomorrow
This could be our goodbye
But you so cheap
So available
So always ready
The way they role you up so perfectly
The way they keep praising you
…they say you cure cancer… You heard that… or is it that you prevent it… Can’t really think straight right now
Or is it that they banned you in my country
Illegal surely is good
Maybe I’ll let you be my zany for a while
But I’ll let you go, I promise

6. A Writer’s Bestfriend – ***Kuy, DeKUT***

The paper has been my bestfriend
Often it has gone soggy with my own tears
Often it has endured my wrath of anger rejection and pain
Often it has since the dirty secrets
Often it has seen the malicity of my mind
Often it has kept me company in dark times when the demons claw at me viciously
Often it has been scumbled and sagged by the shredder like the offender
But the paper still remains my best friend
It endures when i scrambled and cancel on it
It willed itself to be what i want it to be
My paper.. My best friend🗒🖊


7. Behind every successful person – ***Brilliant Ruto – DeKUT***

Behind every successful person is… Themselves
“Behind every successful person..”
Aaah..that cliché again,
They’d prolly finish with a “..is a woman”
I’m not sure I know who I am,
Else this résumé would be wound up,
I’m rounding it up, seventh time,
Rang my high school teacher to confirm if I answered average questions back then, and the exact times I got reported for eating doughnuts during prep,
I’m deliberate though, I’m a flurry of uncategorized craze,
Today’s was a mess,
One asked me why I was tall and slim,
Another asked if I trusted my guts on the washing machine,
The latter stepped on my ego and jumped over my IQ, no lie,
Being jobless isn’t just a job,
It is an underrated character which I’m almost owning,
“Tell us about yourself,”
Easy question huh,
Three, two, one…
Like Pitch Perfect’s Moncrieff Mathews 4,
I ain’t got nothing,
Well not exactly but anyway, someone’s gotta go,
“What on God’s green one do you think you’re saying?”
Maybe I wanna drown in uncertainty for a while,
Only until I find myself,
Only until forever or never,
I’ll live for today,
I choose my own conscience, maybe impose less on it,
“..is themselves,”
Wanjiru Kaburu is toning in on me, again,
With the soft timbre of her voice,
Tomorrow seems like a surety, one I think I’ll survive.


8. Dear Lost – Allan

There’s a broken ship without windbreakers in the sea,

There’s a sonnet with a single line missing,

There’s a love song with a lethal chorus,

There’s a grenade without a safety pin,

There’s a symphony of desperation in my promises,

There’s an avalanche of tears flowing in my heart,

Induced by the consequences of broken promises;

Which escalates my emotional turbulence,

And elevates the catastrophe of insanity deep within me;

For baby, there’s hell a lot am not without you;

Such a waste is my motor when you found a flight;

For it feels like my obnoxious pleas are conjugates of,

Nothing but a weird absurd surd.


9. Where is this going? – Nowhere – ***Rein***

She asked me “Where is this going”?
My brain suddenly replied “Nowhere.”
But my lips chose to not follow my brain’s lead
Like a broken GPS, I had no sense of direction.
But I couldn’t give her that impression.
I am a man and I ought to lead
But inside of me the fear of uncertainty whispered to me that I wasn’t good enough
I’m just a university student who is supposed to be smart enough
To rise above the statistics.
Statistically I dropped below average
Trying to keep up with the image…
Of a man with a plan
But I wasn’t a man according to these failed plans
I slowly replied “I don’t know, babe, let’s just go with the flow”
In my head I knew going with the flow was for dead fishes, those who couldn’t swim.
There’s no way I will make it known that I was against going with the current
Didn’t want to sound as if I was afraid of commitment
And even if I uttered a word contrary to what I said she would hear the insecurity in my voice
If I dared tell her I wasn’t ready
She would conclude that I wanted her to take no part in my future
How I can’t possibly mean the “I love you’s” I said to her because love is forever
Never would I sit her down and tell her that I feel like a failure
I know she would reply back faster than a speeding bullet emptying these words out of her mouth
“But I love you anyways, the money doesn’t matter because all I care for is you”
But I don’t love me where I’m at, feeling parked on the wrong side of life
It’s too early for me to grasp the thought of having a wife
The commitment issues in me live not because I am still finding enjoyment in messing around with other women
It’s because the fear of not being man enough reigns in me.
I can’t provide for anyone when on my own I’m just getting by
Instead of living I’m just letting time go by
But commitment is still my nightmare
The question continues to echo in my head and it dawns on me that this is truly going “nowhere”
At least for now

10. I killed for her – ***Mutwiri Njue, Embu ***

So the day came
To fulfill my promise
I had promised the world
Although I could just offer a word
I made a fool of myself
I lost myself
Trying to please her
Trying to strengthen her standards though I couldn’t

The struggles I had to go through
I only realized _that_
When I couldn’t feel my body anymore
The bullet was shot
into my spine
They had caught up with me

My day had come
to pay for my sins
But I only did it to please her
The risks I took, the strides I made
For her to be happy
All for her
I killed for her
All in the name of riches
Just to fulfill what I promised
Though in my heart
I knew I couldn’t

Now she watches me over the grave yard
As my cold body lays
As they lower me into
The tears in her eyes
Leaning on her boyfriends shoulder
That hurt even more

But I have to rest
Off I turn to deep slumber
But my soul shall not
I’ll haunt her in the night when she sleeps
I’ll haunt her in the shower
I’ll seek her in her workplace
In the kitchen till she chops her nail out
In her car so she pricks her finger on the door
Till she knocks a log
I’ll take her happiness away
she chose to hurt my dead soul
And I have to seek her soul

All for myself
Not for her anymore
She’ll never rest
Till she’s here besides me

_Tears of a dead man_
*@Mutwiri njue*

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