Fusion Friday – Poetry Extravaganza 3

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  1. Mama When You’re Gone – Mutwiri Njue

It will be a time of sorrow
I’ll live emotional support to borrow
Torture that I’ll never get to see your face again
Tears and unending tears I’ll live to gain
The moments perfectly shared with me

Mama when you’re gone
I’ll have no shoulder to lean on
I’ll have no hands to wipe my troubles
Cause its only you who could
My friends will console with me
But it will never be enough neither
I’ll only be needing you every second

Mama when you’re gone
It’d be sad when I remember I didn’t appreciate you
Changing my diapers every time I shit on them
Some which I did knowingly
Not building you a home
Other than the mud house you live in
Which is your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom
And of course your guestroom

Mama when you’re gone
I don’t want to have regrets
Of not have given you the world you deserve
And the respect and position in my life
Not showing you off to my friends
Because maybe I feared for my pride
Hiding you away claiming that you died
I don’t want to regret at all

Mama when you’re gone
I want to live with your legacy
The pain, sorrow and sacrifices you did for me
I want to tell the word about them
Made me the man I am today
I want to teach my daughter to be like you
The humanity, love and compassion in your heart
I’d wish my daughter learns it as it is

Mama When you’re gone
The world will cry
The earth will feel the loss
Emptiness and great hollow
The nation will go silent
Half raised flag for the lost heroine
21 gunshots for the great mother
the great leader even if the world didn’t know

Mama when you’re gone
I won’t live right
Cause you taught everything to me
Trained me and made me morally unobjectionable
But one thing you didn’t teach me mama
The only thing that wouldn’t make me live
You taught me not how to live without you

TEARS OF MY PEN – ✍🏽Mutwiri Njue

2. LOVER – Agnes Katanu

So warm, so right..
Everything felt different, and yet the same,
And right… So damn right
Your lips fit mine,
And we shared the same breath…the same life,
As I closed my eyes,
I saw nothingness,
Yet I could see everything that was beautiful..
Every single inch of my body burned,
And yet… I felt cold at the same time
Your hand found mine,
And we intertwined fingers,
And though the gesture killed me,
I accepted it,
Savored it,
Because it would definitely kill me if I didn’t hold your hand…

If I’d believed in such things…
If I’d believed in such things,
I might have said that we’d been meant to be,
To meet,
To clash,
To attract,
To connect,
To merge…
One man to one woman, enduringly…

When we were close,
When your lips were heated on mine,
I could almost believe it
I wanted to believe it…

3. Teach me How To Die – Joe Mcory

Gun on my head
Fire beneath my body
On my death bed
Sickness eating my body

Should I cry, should I smile?
Should I be sad, should I be happy?

Teach my how to die
Teach me how to lie
To those sorry faces

Should I become a motivational speaker?
Narrate to them of how heaven is calling me?
Should I instead be mum and await for you to take me?
As I helplessly watch those faces sink into grief?

Teach me how to die
Teach my how to lie
To those evil faces

Should I act bold and tell them am not afraid of a bullet?
Or should I kneel and beg for mercy from my slayers
Should I try to wrestle them into giving up
Or should I hold my peace and wait for you to take me?

Teach me how to die
Teach me how to lie
To those evil faces

Should I try and get up to fight for my dear life?
Or should I just lie flat and make their work easier?
Should I hurl insults at their sorry souls going straight to hell
Or should I be Stephen and tell them of how heavens have opened up?

Ooh dear death
Teach me how to die
Teach me how to lie
As I await for you to come

Poet Joe Mcory™
All Rights Reserved

4. Womanized – Dora

It started the first day I met you
Another break from my then relationship
I liked the vibe
I found your contacts first
I wanted that day on repeat
Never saw you again
Till this time on one of my boring evenings
The ones I go home for some alone time
I diverted to your apartment
It didn’t feel awkward to stay
It didn’t feel weird to be cuddled by a “stranger”
Then the friendship started
More often sleepovers
More touching
More and more till I could kiss you
This one time I decided to do it knowing you’d done it just the past weekend with a girl I know
Somehow I trusted your promise of making me the only one
It was friendship, I knew you more and got a little bit attached
I liked you and I guessed you liked me too
You told me about you and wanted to know me, so I guessed
Soon I saw you with her, you said she was you ex,Next, they told me you’re womanising
I didn’t want to believe then but the stories were too many not to believe
I got angry sometimes, jealousy, or maybe it was fear
Fear of hurt, fear that I liked more than I should, fear of losing once again
Travelled home
Didn’t hear as often from you so I did the texting
You didn’t when I didn’t
“He’s busy” so I convinced myself
I realised you were pushing me away so this one time I confirmed it
I confirmed to you that I didn’t want more than just what we were
It seems like you’re determined to not have me in your life
I came to your place after I got back and there was no more laughter, no more cuddles, no more vibe
I left heartbroken
I need to forget you
I need to stop checking your online status
I wish I never met you, I wouldn’t have to forget you

5. Game Over – Brilliant Ruto

I take my glasses off,
Hoping I’d get a better insight,
Maybe get a better sight,
Of the being that has me smitten

I look up, his eyes are somehow misty,
Hard to read, I’ll admit he has a way of keeping me off his yard,
Once I met someone I can’t tell,
A hash of crafty and wayward
A haze of willful, sweet and cruel

Resigned, I tone the glare into a tranquil gaze,
“Check mate,”
Damn it, second time in one round,
Queen..it’s show time..
He slips his hands into mine, holds like he’d never wanna let go..I give in,
Hoping he’ll let go and let me in,
A season down the lane, same old coffee,
Sweet and a little bit sour,
I’ve dug deep into the lover’s diary, hoping to get a clue,
The rigs thinner and weaker each time,
I’ve swam the rejuvenation upstream,
Over and over again,
I’ve been hoping he’d be ready, if that was ever the case,
I’ve been praying he’d finally ask,
He leans in, I close my eyes daaah,
It’d be heavenly, I definitely wanna hear..
“Game over.”
Oooh shit..the blunt.


6. Love: Lust Lasting Just Past Hurt – Nurse Kagz

Tears like spears keep cutting down downstream
In the darkest of days I found consolation in them
And in my 3:01 AM candles I cuddled in cold showers
Nightmares stripped my dreams away
Sleep drowned in my thoughts of ‘Why’
Why I deserved to serve at her service
What I did to strip my promising future.
I cry and try to fly off the blame flames
But she relights and rekindles my realms of pain
But isn’t man strong? Isn’t he the anchor to her sorrow?

In my silence she rebuilds her pains and plays
On my shoulder she’d rest her sorrowful face
I look strong but wrong, deep in am dripping
Tip of every great hope trips off and falls
Her glare that was flair is now my mares
Her calls I seemed to fall for are now scolds

I rest in my wet pillows, consoling in my dark sheets
I cling to my empty stomach for a push tonight
Holding to my twitching muscles to shut my thoughts
I though seem unlucky, tummy grumbles, thoughts race
My sleep finds no solace but sorrow to keep me up
It’s now 4:10 AM , eyes red of pain not insomnia
Yet another day sets in, streets awake, my spirit at war

Is Love an intertwine of lust lasting just past hurt?
Is Love a language of the lucky and with value?
Or is it a 2-face coin to toss n roll with tail/head?
Or is it an apical sword ♥ filled with blood of bruises
Think am done, yes done to dine with its time
Over with art of perfect practice or breath of love
But is it over really? Is it?

© NurseKagz

7. A letter to Artificial Intelligence – Njeru J. Mugo

How will you replace me?
A question I’m curious to know of your means,
I know you’ve learnt how to drive and treat,
How to teach and read,
By your own you’ve orchestrated some human intelligence,
Reduced our uniqueness to some simple lines of code,
Devastated many by your breach,
But how will you replace me though?
How will you replace me if I don’t understand me?
I only know of how spontaneous I am,
Of the fact that my motivation is inbound,
That I’m alive from personal experience,
How will you replace the synapses my mind has?
The conviction I have of my individuality,
How unique and unbound my individual is,
To be me someone like me has to make you,
I’m the only me like me the rest are different,
I don’t understand mine mind, how can I wire it then?
How do I put individuality in mere lines of code?
God in boundless energy manifested me,
So much so I sip energy from His Being,
How’d you feign such motivation, cause for sure you can’t draw it,
I’m unbound, maybe the only tip to get to me,
I’m art,I have form, one I know nothing of,
Try figuring that out,
Njeru.j.mugo ©
A letter to artificial intelligence.

8. Story Story – Peter

So this day I divert from poetry
To narrate a tragedy
Haha yes a tragedy off Coventry

So story story

Am so sorry for this story,
A lorry off the great glory
She smiles in hunger
Yet cloudless anger
Clouds her existence

So let me give you
A story about Her
She the only one who,
To my heart made whole,
Yet left me in ditches ,hole,

Her beauty preference
Just made Me the poet with greatness
Her conservative character
Cut across all conclusive concussions
Her symmetrical self
A salvation of my suffocated-self

But she went,
Dancing up all high ,
With angels
Off my great heart she went,
Leaving me so bare ,so desolate,
Aaaah, but why!??

She ,
The emblem to my greatness,
The cornerstone to my successful future bond,
The link of me
My foreseen featured future
Ooooooh my bright future
What a broken glass broken mirror?

Now her great portrait
Lips in ruins ,port-rate
My heart over her so desolate
How I wish you were here with me

9. Exam Mood – Jeremy Warui

Nasikia nikiwa empty but najipee morale juu najua ady akina Bancy na Nancy bado wanabounce even though so much empty
Nafeel sina content but siwezi jicontaminate juu kwa CAT nilikuwanga perfect
Iyo stuff hainishtui juu ata niliskia lec hasetingi maswali ngumu
Bytha si ati ata ni lazima upate A kwani supp mnataka zikunywe na akna nani?
Bytha ata unaeza pata ameseti maswali za application pekee thus ground itakuwa levelled
In fact ata bora nikae kwa formation iko na information thus nisikuwe malformed
Degree ni harambee bora muagree alafu baadaye mtalamba iyo success pamoja

Featuring comrades mind as at now👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

©African poet
Jeremy Warui

10. Cost I Paid for Feeding My Addictions – Dion

That text you get at 1:30
that movement under yo bed,
flashes of yo soul , dirty,
45 in your hand bout to use that lead,
They get louder,
These voices in my head,
Roll an ounce , smoke till i choke the sound,
Xanny in me as i look around,
The cost i paid for feeding my addictions,
Junkie always on prescriptions,
Bottle almost empty,fuck my decisions,
Fade till i can’t blow no more,
Narcotics till i can’t feel anymore,
Feeling wavy like the fucking coast,
Cigarette roaches , puffing like post,
Smiling at that man in the mirror,
Huffing the Time seems nearer.

 ✒  Dion

11. Teach me the art of life – Cathra Sambili

Today I woke up feeling light hearted,
That’s my second name anyway
Am still trying to figure out the mystery of life,
We just laid to rest our own yesterday…
But the sun is up and about like nothing happened
I thought it would be dark and cloudy today in his honour…
I was wrong so,
Someone teach me the art of life

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