Fusion Friday – Poetry Extravaganza 4

1. Vulnerability Has Never Felt So Good – Njeru J. Mugo

Some of y’all can’t help but want to feel strong,
Projecting stable personality to facade the depressed beings hidden inside,
Undergoing unending fights to recover from past trauma,
We put up vague smiles while succumbing inside,
Pressed by the sheer magnitude of projected culture,
One that taught us to be strong, but not express,
So much so we always want to be in control,
We’d rather die than confess being victims of personal tragedy,
Whilst we undergo mental breakdowns, panic attacks,
We subject our being to trivial anxiety, just cause being real is such a big deal,
We risk our performance, mental well being to look ok,
To seem likeable,

I’ll no longer remain strong, I know I am but for once I’ll be weak,
For once I’ll dine with my insecurities,
And since you’ve become my favourite journal, so shall I write on you,
Sometimes it does kill me, knowing that someone once left me,
Can’t help but wonder why I wasn’t enough,
I know they weren’t made for me, still kills of what they did,
Im ready to face this milestone with you though,
Assertive enough to know that you’ll help,
Life has been a somewhat catastrophic love story,
And purpose a battle over two longings,
My heart and mind are constantly torn apart,
Anxiety runs my veins, will I ever make it?
Will I ever assert my being,
I’m indebted to amount to something, harbouring a grandeur gesture of whom I should be,
I’m yet to understand me,but somehow still manifesting me,
thinking out loud, Hopefully you’ll help me,
Vulnerability has never felt so good

A letter to my best friend,
Vulnerability has never felt so good,

2. Letter From a Dying Father – Joe Mcory

source: getty images

Dear the one I never got to see
This letter is penned by my feeble hands as I lie on this deathbed

For a normal family this could be the time to gather everyone
Make them shed tears real and crocodile
As I spell out my well crafted will

But am here lonely and alone
I’m sorry I have to call it quits just when you have been conceived
I’m sorry you are not right here to watch me die slowly
As I fade slowly into nothing
I’m sorry I can’t stand the fact that I shall never be the best you ever had
But that’s life

Nothing justifies my cowardice
Nothing can explain why I have to fail to see you have your first cry
But my conscience is calling me
I’m not bold enough to face you in future
And tell you there is no inheritance left for you

But I just have one prayer…

That you shall be born successfully and raised properly
That you shall learn to live your best life without a father

Well…I know mom is going to teach you to detest me for being a coward
She is going to project all the blame on me
But I’ve got one prayer

Build your castle strong and durable
Don’t buy it from someone
Build it from scratch…

Push yourself to the limits I never dreamt of reaching
Get the best education that you can ever reach
Be strong in this world of men
It’s not going to be easy

But you have to build this castle
You have to build your empire
You have all what it takes in your head
So go on

I may not be there to witness it call
But build your castle as high as Babel
Let it touch the sky the limit
And while you build it

Please don’t forget to build stairs too
Your ups and downs shall be painful without them
Let people into your castle and please don’t throw them off your castle
Let the stairs be there for them to enter and exit

And when you are up there don’t get scared
Remember how exciting it was from down upwards
Don’t boast either
For it only takes a broken brick
To bring your castle down

All in all
If you by any chance don’t get this letter
I shall still whisper my dreams and hopes for you
Just hope you won’t be a coward like me
And bail out

Poet Joe Mcory™
All Rights Reserved

3. Sorry You’ve Had to Hurt Tonight – Brilliant Ruto

source: getty images

Hey, sorry you’ve had to hurt tonight,
Up crying when the world was asleep,
You’ve had to draw back when everyone rose up to the beats of the jam,
Hurled and buckled like the plant in a pot,
Whose excitement fell off the attention board,
That somehow saw no water nor sunshine,
Drooped, wilted and left for death,
To you that’s like rain that fell like a monsoon,
To you that vulnerability got them flaked,
To you that felt less of themselves,
To you that felt you were never enough,
Sorry he left you when you had drowned,
It’s not your fault, it never was,
You were to bloom, you will,
Sorry she made you promises she never lived,
You’re not less of you,
You gave vulnerability the power it deserves,
You gave love the tools to bloom,
You’re not weak for crying,
You’re amazing
You’re beautiful, inside and outside
You’re deserving of love, as you have been, as you are and will always be,
You’re not alone.
You will find home again.

Moonlight, you are magic.

4. The Marian Paradox – The WordSmith

source: getty images

The Marian Paradox

He’s the creator
Living inside creation
Not breathing as creation
But feeding off creation He created
Alive, kicking
But hasn’t yet breathed off this air.
Everything that is was made through Him
But here He is
Look at Him
You can’t see Him,
Well, I guessed so
He created her
But He’s formed in her.
She’s a virgin
She’s pregnant
And I’m talking about the same she here
He’s going to dump her
But then he doesn’t.
The Marian Paradox

Reality inspires dreams
But his dream defined his reality it’s in her
A being small and helpless
But He’s greater than all creation
The Son of David
But David calls Him Lord,
Hard to digest?
He’s small and helpless
But greater than all creation
“Not yet born but King of the universe
She’s a virgin, yet she’s pregnant
The Marian Paradox.
The Marian Paradox
A The Wordsmith’s Freestyle
The Wordsmith

5. The Love or the Lies? – Jeremy Warui

source: google

For long I have wrongly proposed but today I long to oppose and superpose the truth
Its never the love but the lies that hold them together
Am not an advocate of darkness though it has the highest rank on truth
Darkness is our skin colour though the best from the rest
I am not lying but I want you to rely on my fact as I lie on these rays expounding the truth about lies
It is the lie tha holds them together,a searched research

An adulterer he is but came with a gift on his raft
Yesterday she was out,out for a murder mission
At midnight they met with a gift and a kiss
Each one with a beautified and verified lie on how hectic and hepatic it was at job place
They both encroached and crouched together for late dinner
Very close for none crosses the criss cross of the other
Is it the love or the lies that maintain them together?
Just my view enviewed from a right angled viewpoint
I say and repeat,its the l…e that keeps them together
©African poet
Jeremy Warui (+254705887139)

6. Betrayal – Peter

source: google

don’t know how my name is tainted out there ,may be being silent ,introvert , solitary and minding my own drinks & dishes humiliated some; thou am scared you’ve poisoned the starch ,saliva & fallupian* with hypothetic phrases & gossip .

Soo Ooh painful at heart ,inside felt with animosity & regrets.You should leave ,go & forever we ain’t anymore patriots but traitors because l don’t deserve anything of a friend if its you!Cheated on smile baked with laughter & hugged to embrace me last night ,yeah l said bye but now l feel betrayals & deceptions myb graves would be a better place to vegetate & raise more friends of a new leaf.

You’re pathetic full of insults & disgrace. All l would spell its hell if on earth you’re a taboo ;may it haunt ,eat & teach you what it really means to keep one’s lane & path ways clear awareness of those traffic lights.

Am sorry!cravings ,instincts even trust is gone & gooo oone that l wasn’t lucky but foolishly invested among wolves!Now l’ve know but the wounds & scars are irreversible ,broth better l’ll forever loathe every moment with falsehoods!


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