Fusion Friday: Poetry Extravaganza

  1. Broken Bird, Breaking Bad – Brilliant Ruto

Each dawn, I still wish you were here,

Even though I pulled the rug,

The cold isn’t a thing I know,

I thought it’d be easy, so I chose strong,

I wanted not to feel,

I’m numb, fighting the touch of facing the bleeds,

Before you, I’m digging it out, unreachable,

I’m alone, though lonely not, the gap you left echoes my hurts,

I scrapped off all that reminded me of us,

Dusk still gets me to you,

The river I swim flows your way,

Can’t get you out of mine head,

My heart doesn’t know how to love another,

My eyes can’t see else where,

I’m still caught up in the good times, the love and the fun,

We..we… Shit🤧all I’ve been holding down,

It’s driving me crazy,

Thing is,

I’m scared, I’m worried we might never go back,

What’s worse is I don’t know how to feel it,

I don’t know if I’ll handle the pain,

Once it demands attention,

Once I run out of energy to pin it down,

Tears and sweat,

Once I’m short of strength,

To not dial up the numbers,

Stuck on my head, I sort of stopped using my head,

I can’t let go, or maybe, not now,

I must have gotten used to you loving me,

Or you being there,

Days and nights alike,

I lost track.

Doesn’t seem like anyone’s gonna save me,

I’ll breathe slow,

Hopefully I don’t run out,

Not before I get to the banks.

Broken Bird, breaking bad.


2. Absent Father – Paw🐾🐾🐾

I know its hurting

But my heart is bleeding

Say I am not thankful

Why you so forgetful?

You be my father

Why you so further?

That I can’t reach

Even if I pitch

Choose to disappear

Not to be seen whole year my birthday you reappear

Say you miss me, LIAR

Say you love me, LIAR

I am a call away just click

I promise I will always pick

But same promises

Broken to be taped

Birthday to birthday


Father’s love only visits me

In my birthday night🤦🏾‍♂


3. Sweet – Agnes Katanu

Sickly sweet,

The art of deception,

Trading one hell  for another,

A fallen angel for the devil himself,

All promises of paradise for a fantasy unlived, non-existent, and simply, hell incarnate

Bitter sweet the art of loving you,

Wanting you more than I should,

Having you less than I want,

Not having you at all….

Watching you love another,

Knowing you’re what I don’t want, yet exactly the right dosage of what I need,

In this harsh, harsh world.

Simply sweet the art of the game,

Playing me for a fool, yet in this game I own the rules,

Playing like one would a piano,

The right key for exactly the right response,

Never disappointing,

 Always delivering, just as predicted

Simply boring, yet in it’s own sick sweet way, amusing

Seems you and I are a great match,

Two of the same odds making one even…. Sweet

Agnes Katanu

4. Lest we Forget – Cathra Sambili

No one cared where you came from….

Or rather who your parents were.

Gladly we’d walk to our neighbors homes

Sit outside under that big shade and grind some homemade githeri…I mean the ones without the covers..

And if they were eating chapatis, bless you, you were the luckiest

Why.. you’d get to have some two or three wrapped chapatis in that flour paper.

Love was everywhere

Going to see your crush or date would be kinda hard

But we always got a way to meet up

Say…when taking the cows to the river or.. going to the posho mill

We’d be looking so good with arimis shinning on our faces

Putting on our best clothes the one you’ll definitely wash in the evening otherwise you won’t go to church on Sunday

Life…the past…sweet

The old gone memories

#lest we forget


5. Thick Skin – Njeru J. Mugo

Some of y’all say I’ve gained weight

None of y’all know that it’s thick skin

Thick skin

Basically I’ve come to the appreciation

That nothing, absolutely nothing happens to chance in life

Nothing is just some coincidence

I’ve come to the appreciation that, everything you see

Everything you feel, all experiences you’ve been through

Everything is an orchestration of a higher being

A supreme controller, overall ruler

Thick skin

Basically the good and the bad

The just and the unjust, occurrences, situations,

Everything that has happened to you

Was in a way meant to happen, in the exact same way, exact same order of events

Nothing just span from nowhere, nature abhors voids

Thick skin… In all that, all of this, has happened

To determine, to exalt, to enable

The manifestation, of the person you’re meant to be

All of this, has happened, to defeat, to overcome

The being that you’ve always been, the coward you’ve always entertained

Basically, all that has mattered, always will matter, always should matter

Your soul, the content of your soul

Thick skin…

6. Deciphering Him – Brilliant Ruto

Twelve minutes past midnight,

Sun up..ugh I mean the full moon,

He’s prolly wondering why I’d still be around,

Peace has never felt better,

Having somebody to love, jeez, it’s ecstatic,

Just that mine’s a one time affair,

Tonight, I wanted to slip my hand under his,

I wanted to lay my head on his shoulder,

I wanted to feel my skin against his,

I wanted to…

I got scared he might shrug me off,

Or I might end up saying “today feels warmer” instead of “…got this scratch from my pet..”

He’d feel I’m too boring,

I look down, resigned,

Mazes and puzzles aren’t meant for me,

Cracking them is inevitable,

Deciphering him means a faulty start every time,

Glasses look better on me,

My eyes wouldn’t know how to act I didn’t care,

They say time heals, I guess just like humans,

Times ain’t the same and this,

It definitely isn’t the healing type,

Ash and storm, it ain’t easy,

Maybe a bridge,

He has surpassed my expectations,

I thought seeing him pick his nose would draw me back,

Woe unto thou that said forward ever..

I feel but can’t tell,

I’ve written my wishes on the stars,

But the storm looms, longer than I imagined

It ain’t easy, closing in then snap, perfect strangers,

Strings are hard not to pull,

Every instance keeps me hooked,

Every holding tight gets me attached.

It ain’t easy,

Breathing your air and not feel you,

It ain’t easy, it never has.  


Fusion Friday Poetry Extravaganza, Courtesy of Fusion Writers. Like their fb and ig pages @fusion4writers

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