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I can live without struggling, but these ngeus the way I love them is like curse..alcohol cigarettes.. Situation ikigueka tricky,,Usimweke Kamba kwa shingo….foshoo foshoo..#Nviriilove.

Uuuum for Mr & Ms Kimathi uni, next time feature the wonderful designers behind the outfits (which were a killer btw) otherwise mlijraribu….

Io cat vile imetuchanga leo hadi I was wondering mbona naongezewa time banar!! . My left and right sote tulikua stranded. Na ofcos Napata answers but they far from making sense. Like South Africa…Shiku achaga jokes! I blame Od wa Murang’a hihihi…Long weekend story…stay tuned, or not. Bado utadedi. leo zii..

But speaking the truth, even Kamene and Kibe revealed to us the other day that there is no happy and faithful marriage, and a couple of couples who called said things like cheating but sticking together just to stay in a ‘happy’ marriage..etc.. si kuna issues..

So it’s so sad to hear that most people in Kenya or the world are not enjoying the marriages that we once yustu adore as kids..we all thought we could go to school, high school(na uavoid ukora), college/campo *(na uavoid Maisha ya anasa na mihadarati) then go get married or marry.(na uishi happily ever after) Bulshit! I just came to realize something else about this society, we do not like /accept divorces. Once y’all do a wedding, people expect you to live like Cinderella and her Prince.

Kwa ground vitu ni different. Sanar!!

Ningewashow on the other side vile relationship ziko but fika bei nikupeleke na rada..

Here goes some good kush.. Hehe so medi ni eti..why would satan burn us with Sulphur yet we are ‘doing’ what he stead he should punish those who don’t follow. That means that there is a scam somewhere. And what was this secret that God was keeping from us as in the forbidden fruit?

Any way in our series of meditations, we came to a conclusion dat God and satan may have been ‘brothers’ and there was love between them but apparently evil is also in the air ,also like a cloud. like in Raising Dion series premiere, they show evil as a dark cloud..huko ndo si hutoa bad ideas..hahaha Si hawa watoi wanapenda kalongo.. so satan in a way decides go on an ‘ego test’ with God and he gets chased out of heaven.

Simply mbikos he revealed to eve that we’re all naked. That’s when I realized God’s parents didn’t want a human generation mbikos they saw how toxic they could get. But satan revealed to us that we’re naked..from apo nations were formed..toxic or friendly as the world gets. Your luck. And I am also wondering why God wouldn’t lead by example and forgive satan? plug is the plug yoh!

Ofcos I’m here listening to guess what! These Gengetone mixes will kill me…kina VDJ Jones,Badselector DjKalonje, DJStoppa, just to mention a few.. Tukipitisha tu nare. Afterall ata Rekless anatambua pia yurelaxisha manini….Lemmie not start on Od wa Murang’a! Wuuuee..So it’s so refreshing that we’re kinda ‘outta’ of that depression mode and into gengetone and miha or should I say we’re handling it as yutmen! ..Good or bad way atleast it is a way. Nowadays the message is not Suicide anymore it’s mapunyeto!!! Na kuserereka!

Today’s lesson sons is about Kenyan music. Most trending genre being Gengetone.. I love genge mbikos it is interesting firstly and real relates to the situation on the ground to some extent. Haha something like tenje imejaa namba za mapedi..

Next is Kenyan rappers…Eiish shout out to all 254 rappers….I would say my favorite rapper but mtasema oooooh napenda BeyT.

I have always been a gengetone lover since kina Mejja back in the days and to see what it has become today is a wonder. A good wonder. Is clear then that napenda Okonkwo pia.. from Majengo in Nyeri.

HEEEE!! Talk about Od wa murang’a!! so Confession.. Hez like my TDH Justin Beiber! Hehe..wueee #isifikiewazazi. Damn dude has dze xvoice!! Dude can rap in kisaperee! Na yuvuta mali fine juu yuendea ngomongo! Na uyo pedi wake ajengwe konyagi mbili.

LAKINI OD WA MURANGA NATAKA TENJE YANGU BANAR!! (dude was in Nyeri fi di weekend..on26th na vile tulitokwa matenje na maod issalong story banar..but interesting. Cause alikam na adi skumbuki nkimcheki hehe ziushika yoh! Inauma, but itabidi nizoee..At least I’m replacing my spectacles. Tenje sijui nikue kipedi?? Haha#ExxxrayLOVE!

Eheee! onto my next personal favorite!! EXXXXRAAAYY!! Woi ka hujui hawa watu naongelea…itabidi uzoee! Exray na io rungu yake, mangeus watabaki wakishonwa!! Ati juu ako vitu leo ameze P2..UUUUUWIII!! #taniua! I agree with sambary’s tweet that there should be a rehab for us who can’t stop saying “ah taaaaniuuaaa” If hez lit hez hananga ndai alipotezanga car keys.

Let’s talk about Rekless and his amazing talent and dreadlocks and dze voice but tulishasema watu wako na mabae wanatolewa kwa gangster points list. Periodt!!

SWAT our cute boy but skuizi lines zake zimeenda hadi unafloat bana haha but still He gave me inspiration to write UMOJAMAICA. A piece about the DARK STORY OF MOB JUSTICE IN THE AFRICAN SOCIETY.( Alaar naandika in bold kwani ni projo!..) in an incident that happened earlier this year. So YES! GO YOU SWAT!! [Mtoto Wa Eunice].

ALEHANDROOO!! FISI FISI FISI….Hez the chief inspekta! Na shot anawapea moja ka ya dokta. Wuee si nini but hez like hidden gold y’all.. and his lines are mabodyguard wake wote ni malele…..

I was shocked to hear that The ONLY ONE DELO is a south venye ni mweupe! Dude acclimated to gengetone and raps it like the only one DELO he is…one of my favourites too..

Completing the BOONDOKS gang on a right hand system( as my lec would say) is MADDOX who normally talks about almost all kinds of drugs in his stanza..from manjing na manjong to kiwada to konyagi to kitire to murambe to muratish..heee!#taniua!

What is genge without sailors who almost literally act like the captains ..SAILORS GANG! Mpaka mliuthi mutua na wamlambez juu ya venye ilikua and still is an anthem. Bravo! And what is genge without a family like Ochungulo family featuring chubby Gwash.

Next up is Seska also with a sick deep voice na malines pia! Respect to ETHIC crew for kinda being pioneers of gengetone with lamba lolo..Baithawee nowadays mangoma ni malines tho…lines pay bills y’all,,but talanta muhimu. And if you gat it katambee!

I get it also that #sirahisi uliza adi Nadia…these yutmen work hard and thank God to a platform called YOUTUBE which gives them the freedom to release ghetto anthems.

Speaking of anthems thanks to Papa Jones for also showing Kenyans can not only win marathons but can spit some real truth on the record through rap. Big up Kipchoge, Big up Khali Cartel.
All in all I’m taking this chance to big up all Kenyan musicians kina Sauti sol, Silverstone Barbz, Breeda, Bensol, H_artheband, Octo, Nyashinski, Nameless, Nadia Mukami, Fena Gitu, Naiboi, Niviiri the story teller, Dela, Arrowboy, Otile Brown and finally Willy Paul. The rest too.

Was telling someone sisi ndo tutakua wahenga wa kesho na venye tunabonga mambo. It will tell our fyucha generations about how yuts of this era loved genge as a way to express how they are enjoying life and choose to take it lightly since YOLO.

I mean look around you, you will find memes everywhere and laugh and that immediately lights up your day.. becomes more fun when you have a memelord haha and bundles to see George Kagwe on youtube hehe angaria nyinyi!

Catch this debate about Mr & Miss Kimathi

And I love how the music and memes and social media is also becoming a platform to change the depression wave in its own way through all the funny things.

Na ile ujinga iko Kenya leo trust me itakuchekesha utoke kwa bad moods. As I will always say I care about mental state of the society and the yuts please usijimature-up mapema before uzeeke. Roria na uskize ngoma na ucheke na memes kama wengine..Afterall bado usposkiza genge bado utadedi!!!


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