Real disappointment comes in when you thought that campus will be one hell of a place , yaani a place were you’ll know the definition of fun, were attending a class can be decided by only tossing a coin, that kafeeling. What is so obvious is not everyone is always on the move to make notes since we all have soft copies, right??
So apparently Bcom,BBA, BPSM studies were shook when their lecturer announced that he was going to check notes. Let me guess your reaction “wtf!!!! who does that?? Kwani tuko highschool? ” Karma is a real bitch. It turned out to be very discouraging, disappointing, sad and all the negative words the lips could utter but on the brighter side…which other campus lecturers checks their students notes?? We are legendary, and the students earned their free marks. I think this should be in either 1000 reasons for choosing Dekut or 1000 reasons for not choosing Dekut.
It’s crazy, it went down, hata wenye walipiga kelele ‘ooh siandiki notes, ooh sijui’ …my friend their notes were checked. Lakini si ni life ama?

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