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Hello. It’s been a good weekend and a tough one to some of us and to others, it was no weekend at all (recognizing the doctors and clinic officers on duty on the weekend). Bottom-line, I hope you are all good and are figuring your lives out. Now, back to where we were.

I promised that I would explain how you can start molding your life into what you desire despite the current situation we are in as individuals and as a country. Before I continue, however, this is strictly my own version of how to figure your life (mine included) out. This is not a motivation article or a life coach book. So, I will not be held accountable for anything (just clarifying).

As I said earlier, I’ve had crises of my own, some of which changed my perspective of life while others kinda messed me up (I’m not ashamed to admit this). I’ve made some bad choices in my life. For instance, I’m pretty sure I made a huge mistake in trusting a dog that wasn’t my own. It ended with some really beautiful scars for a memory. (Wait! Don’t tell me you expected a super-secret confession? Hahaha. We will get there, not just yet. Lol)

We are a generation that has been brought up with certain aspects as a norm in our lives today. A very good example is the belief that a white collar job is the way to succeed. My thought, WRONG! See this is a belief that was either imprinted in us by the school curriculum or by our relatives or sadly, by our own selves. White collar jobs are jobs like any other. The first and most important question is why you want the job in the first place. Well, apart from the obvious reason of survival.

I want to be a carpenter because I’m good with timber and it does not frustrate me and I really enjoy it (how many of us will have the courage to say this out loud? Be honest). You know why you won’t or can’t? It is because very few relatives are proud of their sons and daughters who are carpenters. I wanted to be a doctor, for 11 good years because that’s what my people were proud of me as.

I wanted to be a cardiologist actually because the continuous thought of being a doctor that had been imprinted in me since childhood had blinded me from my true passion. My true calling. My true desire. Do you know what the worst part of this situation is? You are too far gone to realize that you are lost. I was lost. I was too far gone to be honest. Luckily, fate or destiny (I don’t know which is which) held me back.

So, I stop here for tonight. We will continue tomorrow God-willing. I know I still haven’t answered the question on how to mold your life but the story is a part of the answer, so be patient.

Keep commenting, voting and asking for more if interested. Thank you so much for those supporting me. Thank you. (0759405472 & diananyawira.dn15@gmail.com – text or email your comments/likes/dislikes/requests. Feel free)

– Dayana Sylus

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