Hopeless 3: Control


This is a continuation of last week’s article, Hopeless 2. In case you missed it, click here to read it.

Darkness clouded my mind yet thy light blinded me
It was a day that was beautifully dark 
And with no knowledge of what lay ahead of me, 
In thy trap I fell silently 
You were my life yet my death 
Clarity was never a part of me when you were around 
Sadly, you were never really around.                                   - Dayana Sylus

Above is my apology for the long time’s, almost a month, silence. I hope you accept my apology (lol). Now back to business.

There are days when I wish that I had total control over my life. For instance, I wish I could control when I can and can’t breathe (this is just a symbolic comparison of the very important things that I wish I could control but I can’t). We all have that one part of our lives that we wish we could control but we just can’t. I’ve thought about this for a while now and to be honest, the more I think about it, the more I am grateful that we don’t have total control over our lives. You know why? Because life, to some extent, would suck.

Look at this scenario, if you had absolute control over your life, then there would be no need of co-existing with each other. We wouldn’t need each other because each one of us would have their lives figured out and so controlled. Everyone would have what they want with no struggle at all. Don’t get me wrong about this. I’m not saying that struggling is good, I’m saying that it is not bad. Let me show you why struggle is not bad just because it is not good.

How do you feel when you succeed after struggling? Doesn’t it give you the psyche to strive harder and overcome more? Don’t you feel happy, fulfilled and satisfied? Doesn’t it boost your confidence?

So, back to the big question: “How do you mold your life with the current situation as a person and generally as a country?”

Accept the fact that life is not what we wish for it to be all the time. You wish that your people would just accept what you want to do with your life and support you instead of pressurizing you into something or someone you are not. Sorry friend, the possibility of that happening is … (you know better). So, what do you do? Give up and move with the flow? Well, this is actually easier, after all you will have a brighter future with a high paying job (if you are lucky enough not to tarmac for long or at all) and who knows, maybe that money will buy you the happiness you once lost. Easy, right? Yes, it is that easy to lose your purpose, to lose yourself and to lose your vision.

We all want good lives (I do, in case you don’t) and as of now, money is a ticket to good life (I won’t argue against that) but the amount of money that makes your life good is your decision. It is up to you to design how good your life is and with what amount of money because we all want different things in life. Stop setting your life standards based on the societal expectations or societal standards. You will live a sad life. We cannot and we will never all be millionaires or have white collar jobs or drive the most expensive cars, but we all can have a beautiful life as per our description of what a beautiful life is.

(I am not motivating you. I am stating the simple facts that no one or very few will accept and agree to).

I stop here for tonight. Tomorrow is another day God-willing. Before I post the next article, think about what you have just read because it forms the basis of molding my/your life.

Keep commenting, voting and asking for more if interested. Thank you so much for those supporting me. Thank you. (0759405472 & diananyawira.dn15@gmail.com – text or email your comments/likes/dislikes/requests. Feel free)

Have a lovely night.

– Dayana Sylus

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