How Safe Is Your Browsing?

If you visit a Website or web page, and look at the address in the web browser, it is likely begin with the following: http:// or https:// Right?? you can just take a moment and look at it!!

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) this is a protocol where hypertext are transferred over the web and the S in HTTPS just means Secure. A protocol basically means a set of rules in which computers communicate with each other. Some of these rules include the type of data being transmitted, what type of commands are being used to send and receive data and how data transfers are confirmed

Now you’ve understood that the real deal here is being secure!!! Browsing on a website that has http:// protocol is not safe as this protocol majorly focuses on relaying information without focusing on how the information travels from one device to another unlike https:// which relays information in a secure code by talking to the website you are browsing on

Do you do online shopping? Applying for jobs online? Do you look for Scolarships online? Feeding your information to get favors or product promotion links?? All of these require your personal information Right? Debit/Credit card number,email addresses, passwords and so on. YES, Some of this links can be enticing to us that we forget to scrutinize the links before clicking on them . Most of them begin with http:// which means it’s not safe and somebody may be tapping out the information you feed into the website

I normally find some of my friends feeding their debit/credit card numbers to these websites and end up regretting because they have disclosed their information to third parties eavesdropping on the websites. YOU SHOULD NEVER ENTER SENSITIVE INFORMATION

So this is it before clicking on a link make sure it is safe. Because we find that most of the these links are in our WhatsApp groups and they are enticing i.e clicking a link to get free food, to get free airtime, free gifts and many more. The target is on WhatsApp as it is the most used platform these days and can attract multitudes.



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