How will you survive without a job?

How sure are you that you are going to get employed after campus? In my case, I am pretty sure I will not get employed after campus, at least not for quite some time. I’m not being a pessimist, only a realist. People are getting laid off day after day. If my father who has decades of experience and ten times more knowledge than I have is getting laid off, why would that same company employ me? I have zero experience and little practical skill.

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To make matters worse, there are already hundreds of thousands of jobless graduates in the market. I’m supposed to compete against them to land a job. I think I’d have better luck winning the SportPesa jackpot.

Okay. I have stopped.

Everything I’ve said above may not be entirely true but here’s my point: If you are waiting for employment… I don’t even know what to tell you. Unless you’re exceptionally good in what you want people to employ you for, you’re going to be a loser. It’s as simple as that. For someone to hire you, you’ve got to be extremely valuable. Are you extremely valuable in your course?

I know I am not.

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And that is how Fusion started. I wasn’t worth shit in my course so I decided to explore and see what I could be valuable in. The first option that I looked into was Dream League Soccer. I was an unbeatable beast in that game. But it wasn’t going to pay for my food so I had to give it up. The whole thing was very sad. Anyway, after tearfully uninstalling the mobile game, I went back to the drawing board and discovered that I could write.

With time, I became good in writing – at least people could read through something I had written without falling asleep. I then realized that I needed fellow writers to help me make an impact. And so Fusion Writers was born.

We’ve been collectively honing our craft and sharpening each other for a year now and hereby present to you Cracks and Crevices, the resulting masterpiece. At Fusion, from the very beginning, we decided that we wouldn’t settle for normal. Normal wasn’t good enough. If I’m to skip class for something other than free beer, it had better be really good, right?

So we held professional auditions and got the cream of actors from Kimathi. These actors are working their asses off to give you a show like you haven’t seen before.

Dorothy Orina will be starring in the play

And remember how Fusion started – we wanted to give people the chance to become great at something they love, something other than their course. In line with this, we recruited some of the best musical voices around and assembled a crew of the most talented dancers we could find, not forgetting a couple of insanely good instrumentalists.

The one thing common with our actors, writers, singers, dancers, instrumentalists and spoken word artists – in short everyone on the Fusion team – is that they are passionate about what they do.

It’s time for the narrative on art in Kimathi to change. A new, beautiful and colorful era is dawning. The future that Fusion brings is so irresistible that even the elegant Rotaract Club of Kimathi had to get on board as our partners. So did this very platform DekuTrends.

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It’s a magical story. Be part of it. Give us half a chance and watch us inspire greatness in you too. Only at a hundred shillings per ticket. To get yourself a ticket, contact 0796083830. The Cracks & Crevices play and event will be held on Saturday 9th November in the Freedom Hall.


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