I Try But Sometimes Bora Uhai


A couple of weeks ago, I started a one month journey on intermittent fasting. I have been sharing my progress with you guys. Now that the one month is over, here is the final article.

Do you ever feel like the longer you wait for something the longer it takes? If it was not for earth revolution and the calendar trust me I’d have honestly confused this whole month for a year. I have waited and longed for this month to end and it makes me guilty thinking of how far I would have been if only I had put this much energy into calculus 1. Well for people who are in calculus wherever integer it reaches, I’m not dumb, it’s just that we have a rapper for a lecturer (all I hear is fxkrrr then out of the blues domain)

Anyway Indians on YouTube are proving to be really helpful and trust me their silk hair has something to do with how well I’m understanding.

Away from my the calculus rapper now. My routine has been the same for the past two weeks. My summary for the whole month was 16:8 method for the first two weeks and OMAD for the other two weeks.

For me the two experiences were similar. I guess it’s because my body gained resistance over time hence switching to OMAD wasn’t as hard. Though if I were to say which was the best of the two I would say OMAD – I mean the amount of money you save if you do it consistently is a lot. Personally, if I was working class while doing this I would have already started scouting for land “niomoke”

Some days ago I did an online psychopath test. For those wondering why, quarantine got all of us doing crazy things. My results were a freaking 12 out of 20 which is just at the borderline – people with psychopath tendencies usually have a 13.

I think of myself as a process oriented person but after taking the test I discovered that lying is a psychopathic trait. Honestly, I don’t want to lie. I mean I was only a step away from being a suspected psychopath case. Am I process oriented or goal oriented? All I know is that I wanted the results so bad at first but then the process became enjoyable at some point. I’m saying all this because when your father works for Fresh Fri (the oil company) and your mother for a ketchup company, you get oil and sauce easily. All this combined with the fact that fries are your favorite and this is the season for potatoes is the recipe for the eating every time diet. You have to a level of grit to carry on.

He who laughs last laughs loudest. This is last but most important part of this so I want it to laugh loudest…wait..is this even logically correct? Pardon me; it must be the memes and considering I haven’t been in school for nine months I’m really trying. Now back to how loudly the results are laughing. The results were really impressive. I lost three inches off my lower belly and two inches off my upper belly. My general body weight went down by 5kgs. I’m thinking of doing a wardrobe makeover but well my cousins from upcountry sent us a 90kg sack of potatoes. I am not sure I can keep the temptations at bay any longer.

I try but sometimes Bora uhai.

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