The IBM Innovation Club is a Dekut club sponsored by IBM – a global tech giant. The club is still young as it was officially launched here in Kimathi in September 2019. Its main interest is equipping members with knowledge and practical skills in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. When most people hear the term Artificial Intelligence, they think about robots. Or Siri, Cortana and Alexa. Or maybe they think about robots becoming more intelligent than humans in future and making us their slaves. In any case, AI is one of the most interesting things this century. More than that, in the coming years, AI can make you very rich, which is probably what has attracted most of the members of this club.

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The other area they deal with, Cyber Security, is of increasing importance to everyone, especially with the rising use of the internet. At the individual level, people’s nudes are exposed every now and then as a result of their devices being hacked. Private communication is intercepted and exposed. Bank accounts are wiped clean. At the corporate level, organizations are brought to their knees as a result of attacks by cyber criminals. Cyber security is therefore becoming a crucial concern. And as a result, cyber security experts are becoming more valuable by the day.

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According to one of the club’s founders, Brian Ndegwa, Cyber Security and AI will play a key role in the 4th industrial revolution. In short, they are the next big thing and will be the biggest source of the next billions. This is why the club is dedicated to equipping its members with knowledge and practical skills in these areas. And they have the backing of IBM, one of the leading global players in these two fields. IBM provides the club with learning resources on such areas as Block chain technology, Quantum Computing, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. Outstanding members of the club get a chance to intern at IBM, which could lead to permanent employment. IBM also gives the members of this club the opportunity to get certifications that are internationally accredited. Moreover, they link them to potential employers.

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Apart from IBM, the club has partnered with Cyberspace Kenya, a collaboration which helps club members benefit from the Human Firewall Project. The Project equips learners with best cyber security practices and skills to identify potential threats in networks. Through such partnerships, the club aims to change the tech scene in Dekut and build a reputation for itself. One of the goals of the club is to provide AI and Cyber Security solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nyeri and neighboring counties. This will give their members the opportunity to apply their skills in real world problems and further build their networks.

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Another of the club’s goals is to get ladies more involved in technology. This has been bearing fruit as majority of those attending the club’s meet ups have been ladies. The club holds its meetings on Mondays for AI and Thursdays for Cyber Security. The meetings are highly practical as the theory is covered during practice.

If you would like to join the club, contact Brian Ndegwa at 0746816621.

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