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I am just seated on my suitable place in the library – the place must have labeled me and noted me for long. Although there are times I find someone else occupied the place, I just assume I was heading somewhere else.  I admit shyness carries me away and thus I am unable to look at the already guilty face that stares at me almost apologizing to me for seating at “my place.” It is just a place just beside a window and across is another apartment painted blue. Anyway someone may think this is where I sourced my love for blue but it just happened coincidentally. I mean,  the first glance I made the first time, I spotted the place,  and blue met my eye.  I stared at the blue apartment for some minutes perhaps deliberating on making the place my favorite habitat and I made up my mind on choosing the place.

Okay I didn’t wish to express my love for color blue but I must admit i love it. So it is an afternoon;  I am seated on my place, feeling idle and some misplaced laziness hovers around me. I have just been reading a nice poem “in my silence” written by my long time friend. I feel should take a breath and so I slide the window to the right. I then lean back on my chair and the afternoon winds are lazily strolling through the window curtain. I feel refreshed by the cool breeze. I immediately realize I got some blue tropical sweets in my pockets. Of course me and Tropicals; we happen to be inseparable. I slowly pull one out of my pocket, slowly unwrap it then send it into my mouth. A notice crosses my eyes, “eating is not allowed in the library.”  I innocently convince myself this is not a matter of eating,  by then the tropical is already in my mouth and I have rolled it several times on my tongue.  

The poem has really carried me away: It has awakened my senses and the words appear to be spiraling on my eyes. I feel I can’t reread it and it’s my time to digest it. I feel I should unplug my earphones and stop the Dolly Parton lyrics going through my ears. Before I press pause on my keyboard, I hear the word  “love” and I just pause.  My mind is now trying to connect the two ideas: silence and love. I turn to the window again for I want to waft away the two ideas and I find the blue apartment smiling at me. I smile back as I try to figure out what could be its height. This sends me to mathematics. I can’t tell the units of heights. I am almost saying it could be twenty liters before I remember about meters. I am sorry I didn’t intend to express my distorted mathematics intelligence; I don’t even remember the maths class in high school.

I now turn my eyes to the library. I look at the bundle of newspaper piled in front of me. I forget about all the news they hold. On the other side I see piles of revision papers, which reminds me that the semester is at the mid and I need to read.. Now I look around. I see everyone busy with whatever they are doing. This just tells me to mind my own business…  My business is hard for me: uniting silence and love is a tough task. As my mind is walking around to think about this, my friend comes smiling at me “Charity today you seem so serious, you want to invent another planet or something? ” I can’t resist the laughter  and I say, “No I am on the mission of building the nation, you know, no human is limited.” We both laugh, and for this, I give him a tropical plus his book.   I watch him walk away. Now I get back to my business. I notice the library is so silent maybe because people are busy browsing or reading. I try to relate this silence to the silence rolling in my mind, but it can’t match.

Finally I turn to my laptop, plug in my earphones and listen to Dolly Parton lyrics “love is strange”

The writer is from KU Embu Campus.

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