Influencer of the Week: Antony Ngugi

1. Who is Antony Ngugi?

Antony Ngugi is a humble young man in third year pursuing BSc. Computer Science in DeKUT. I am very passionate about technology, focusing majorly on software development. I believe in team work and hard work. I also believe in and embrace change. I am actively involved in politics and for a self description I can say that I am a political leader.

2. You are the founder of DekuTrends. Tell us it’s story.

As I have said earlier, I believe in teamwork. Around January 2019, I had this idea of connecting comrades and giving them a sense of belonging to Kimathi. I approached my adjacent friends Victor Karanja, Sylvester Kamau and Paul Oloo to brainstorm something so that we can implement the idea. Within a span of two weeks, I had developed the DekuTrends blog and we were ready to make comrades proud of us. With the enormous content needed in the site, we recruited more people into the team. Among the members there were: Joe M, Ruckuz Photography, Kae, Ivy Jeptoo, Freddie and Offset. Operations began in mid February 2019 and all was set. I thought it was easy maintaining the site but…well, that is a story for another day. There have been many challenges. To cut the long story short, DekuTrends has thrived up to date entailing a database of many writers and contributors. The comrades are also an important part of the DekuTrends family. I want to thank the DeKUT comrades and everyone at large for the success of DekuTrends.

3. DekuTrends was a game changer, thank you for that. Maybe that genius mind of yours has something else for DEKUT?

Welcome and also thanks for recognizing that. As a University of Technology having brilliant minds, we need a medium whereby we can showcase our skills and capabilities. To achieve this, we are aiming at starting a TV channel for DeKUT which will go by the name DeKUTV. DeKUTV will enable us as a University of Technology to show what we have. There are many ideas and talents from the comrades that go to waste for lack of exposure. DeKUTV will be a major step for comrades as well as the University. With the film hub set up by the Kenya Film Board in the school, I think this can be realized. We will also require support from our Vice Chancellor Prof. Kioni to implement this and it will see the University and DekuTrends go to greater heights.

4. You’ve been a delegate. What did you learn from that?

Leadership is a skill. You need to be constantly helping comrades in the various issues that they are facing. Criticism from some is part of the game but the way out is to ignore the critics and serve the comrades. I have also learnt to be just in every practice regardless of one’s background.

5. What’s your take on Kimathi politics?

The politics in the University vary from time to time. Strategy also needs to change every time thus I would advise anyone planning to join politics in DeKUT to have a well laid strategic plan.

6. You’re heavily involved in the Dekut Tech scene, tell us about that

Tech is my hobby. I like being involved with trends in technology. In DeKUT, I have been involved in many tech activities involving hackathons, HackRush and projects. The most successful among all the activities is KaziLink. I want to first of all appreciate my team, Ajira Adi, composed of Sandra Makena, Aaron Kipkoech and Victor Kabata. We have collaboratively worked on many projects and at the moment there is a game changer in the kitchen; it will be a great breakthrough.

I am also involved in many tech communities including: DSC, GDG and Andela.

7. You seem to be dealing with a lot of initials. Tell us about the GDG and what you do there.

Google Developer Groups (GDG) is a Google group of young passionate Developers . The Nyeri chapter is situated in DeKUT serving all the universities around the central region including Karatina University and Kirinyaga University among many others. As an organizer, last year we organized a mega event DevFest Nyeri, which was attended by hundreds of people from across the country. The likes of Juma Allan and Wayne Gakuo graced the mega event.

8. What about the DSC?

Developer Students Club (DSC) is an organization by Google LLC that brings together students from diverse backgrounds that have a common interest, which is programming.

I joined DSC in my first year of study. I gained a lot of knowledge from the DSC team by then led by Job Getabu. The following year, which has ended recently, I served in the DSC Core Team with Reuben Kihiu as the DSC lead. This year I am among the contestants for the DSC Lead position and hopefully I will be selected to serve the Nyeri Chapter.

9. You’re also the Andela Learning Community Ambassador. What does that entail?

Andela Learning Community is a US company that has a branch in Kenya. ALC recruits young developers each year, teaches them, incubates their innovations and to some extent gives them jobs. Unlike others who join as learners, I joined ALC in cohort 4.0 as a Local Community Ambassador (LCA) with Grace Kahinga as our Program Assistant. Right now, ALC is at 5.0 which mainly involves online learning and I am glad to be one of the trainers.

10. What do you love most about DeKUT?

DeKUT is the place to be. Timely completion of studies is the ultimate thing that I like about my university.

11. Given the chance what would you change about Dekut?

The incubation of students’ ideas should be the first priority. Every school should have an incubation hub, especially now that we have an upcoming Science Park. The school infrastructure should be in such a way that it fits the school population. There should also be more schools in the university.

12. You get to give a shout out to somebody. Who’s getting it?

Definitely Timothy Mbiga – the manager of DekuTrends. You said that DekuTrends was the game changer but without his input DekuTrends would be nowhere right now. He joined DekuTrends at a very desperate moment for the brand and for sure, he was the perfect man for the job.

This has been a pleasure. Any last words?

I want to wish you all the best in this time of COVID-19. Stay Home and Stay Safe. We shall overcome.


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