Influencer of the Week: Darny Warui

Meet Darny Warui

1. Who is Darny Warui?

I’m a youtuber, openly gay, designer, model, stylist and a creative consultant for brands and models.

2. Tell us about Darny Warui the YouTuber

Warui alias Darny Warui is a fashion designer. Apart from all that school stuff, he is a you-tuber, with a YouTube channel that appreciates sexual and personality differences and ‘preaches’ good coexistence between straight people and people of ‘other sexual orientation’.
He is also a model ‘who doesn’t fear playing around with makeup and getting creative’ .

3. How much success have you had as a YouTuber?

Well, the success on YouTube is amazingly great, not just the views and over 1.2k subscribers… but the friends I’ve made, souls I’ve comforted and the people that end up more motivated after every video are my biggest achievement… I started in 2019 officially. Its been one fully active year.

In terms of earning, no I haven’t started earning. But by the end of the year, I’ll have reached all requirements to be allowed to earn by YouTube – I believe and pray so 😇

4. What inspires your creativity when it comes to makeup and fashion?

In fashion – I’m inspired by what I would wanna wear and what I like to see people wear, my creativity is based more on the western countries …
For makeup, I just love it. I love the transformation … every time I do a makeup look i just appear different than I was. So that’s the fun there😅😅

5. Which brands have you worked with as a creative consultant and as a model?

As a model I’ve worked with a couple of photographers just to showcase their work: bigone studio, B4M, Sanafrica studios and a couple of others … Also a couple of fashion boutiques in Meru where I previously studied … When it comes to creative consultancy, I work with models and influencers to ensure they get the best when doing photo shoots … Influencers like Kareh Mwai, Shorn Arwa, Letoya Johnstone, Dennis Karuri and others.

6. You have mentioned that you were studying in Meru previously. Tell us about that

I was in Meru yes, studying Diploma in ICT, but my love for fashion and the fact that i still had an online thrift fashion business led me to eventually switch up courses… Leaving the school was just a personal choice

7. How is the experience of living as an openly gay person in Kimathi?

It’s great, can’t complain… I’m an open guy , I don’t judge and I’m always easy to talk to and blend in.. so i think that has helped me a lot in life.

How does the experience of being gay in Kimathi compare to that of being gay in Meru?

Meru was better than in Kimathi… So much better than Kimathi … People there are more open and friendly and they don’t have their “straight ” crowns overcrowding their judgement.

And that’s the problem with Kimathi, that’s why shows are never attended .. that’s why a lot of parties bore… events just have the lowest attendance … In Meru people were friends, people used to be so close to each other.

8. How do you feel when you fall for a straight person?

Well, it happens but most of the time if i fall for a guy he is either gay or bisexual…

9. How do you survive with African parents?

We just live our own separate lives… respect each other’s choices and love each other.

So you have come out to your parents?


10. There are people who don’t understand the concept of being gay. What would you tell such people?

I’m not the one to teach them 😂

11. In the eyes of most people, religion and being gay don’t go together. What can you say about that?

Well, that’s their own belief… Religion doesn’t go with sin.. but a church room has sinners filled to the brim. But when a gay guy stands up, all other sinners act like they were born in Jerusalem 🙄😂 and are too holy to be around a gay guy

So personally, what’s your relationship with God?

Very very close

12. So when did you come out? And how was it like?

After high school, when I went to Meru … That’s 2018 … People in Meru accepted me for who I was so there was no reason to hide… The acceptance was great … I had 3 coming out parties thrown for me by my friends in Meru and Nairobi.

Did you ever date girls before?

Yes, I liked it while it lasted 😇

13. There was a furious debate in one of our WhatsApp groups on learning that we would have this interview. In that debate, the loudest issue against gay people was that they choose to be that way. What do you have to say about that?

Being gay is not a choice, but being openly gay is a choice … People should understand that one doesn’t choose to be gay, circumstances lead them to be gay.. I can’t explain it in depth but google will sure do … so kindly research more about that. Maybe that way you’ll understand the gay/LGBTQ community more and accept them for who they are and stop bashing those that are openly gay or lesbian.

In a world like ours where people do all sorts of crazy, dirty and ‘unholy’ things, judgement should be the very least we offer to each other 😇

This has been interesting. Thank you for agreeing to the interview. What are your social media pages?

Ig: @darny_warui

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