Influencer of the Week: Isaiah Wachiuri

Interview by Peter Mwaba Thitima

Meet Isaiah Wachiuri, a DeKUT student who was called up to the national rugby 15s team

1. Who is Isaiah Wachiuri?

Isaiah Wachiuri, aka Beast Folau, is a student in DeKUT pursuing Information Technology. I am from Mukurweini, Nyeri County.

2. When did your interest in rugby start?

It started upon joining form one in Chinga Boys High School. I excelled in the sport and was named in the school team in form two. I continued developing my skills until I became captain of the school team in form four. So, I can call that my genesis in rugby.

3. When did you start rugby in Kimathi?

Immediately after joining campus in first year semester one. In fact, I knew the location of the rugby field even before I knew where the lecture rooms were. And I would like to give a big shout out to Coach Charles who played a big part in sharpening most of my basic rugby skills. He’s such a fantastic coach.

4. Wow, this is fabulous. Apart from rugby, what else do you love about the university?

The environment for learning in DeKUT is ideal.

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5. What would you like to be done to improve the level of sports in DeKUT?

I would like the administration to consider offering partial or full scholarships to students talented in sports and also partner with other firms so as to develop sports in the university.

6. Which rugby do you play? The sevens or the fifteens? And what is the difference?

For the national team I play the fifteens. The only difference between the two types of rugby is the number of players on each side.

Wachiuri with Kenya Head Coach Paul Odera

7. Tell us more about your call up to the national team. How did you learn of it? And what is the experience like?

I first learnt of it from a screenshot posted by one of my DeKUT teammates in our WhatsApp group. I couldn’t believe it. However, I later received an email and a congratulatory message from the union and the experience of a dream come true overwhelmed me.

8. What is it like playing for the nation and how many fixtures have you appeared in so far?

I haven’t appeared in any fixture for the national team yet because covid-19 came and forced cancellation of all fixtures scheduled for the year 2020.

9. What advice would you give to upcoming players?

What I would tell any player not only in rugby but sports in general is to focus on what one wants in life, have the determination, work hard and to involve God in your plans.

Wachiuri training

10. Given a chance to shout out some people who have been instrumental in your journey who would you applaud?

First, a big shout out to my mum who has been phenomenal in many things. Then I’d like to shout out DeKUT’s rugby coach, Charles for sharpening my basic rugby skills. I’d also like to shout out Mike Owino, the strength and conditioning coach at Kenya Chipu and Mr Theuri, the HOD games at Chinga Boys High School.

11. Are you single?

On this, I am mingling and searching.

12. What are your future aspirations?

In future, I want to turn professional and play rugby overseas.

Thank you for the interview. I hope to see you turn pro.

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