Influencer of the Week: Kenneth Wanzala

Wanzala is the Chairperson of the DeKUT Christian Union. Influencer had the following interview with him. [If you’re yet to download the DeChat App for DeKUT comrades, you’re missing out! Click here to get the app on Play Store and join around 1000 DeKUT comrades.]

1. Who is Wanzala?
A king, reigning in life, a man with a message for this generation.

2. I must ask. What is the message you have for this generation? And can you explain the part about being a king and reigning?
It’s the will of God that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth and the Bible says the Gospel shall be preached to the ends of the world then Christ shall come.
Concerning Kingship, I’m born again and still in Rev 1:5 the Bible says ..he has made us kings and priests unto God.

Romans 5:17
For if by one man’s offense death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.

3. What course and year are you in? If it was up to you, what career would you pursue?

Bsc. Leather technology 4.2. Concerning career I’m a businessman and never intend to seek employment. My last employment was during my attachment, so technically I retired from employment after my industrial attachment.

4. Do you have any entrepreneurial tips for comrades? And what entrepreneurial activities have you been involved in so far?
Okay, I can say there’s God’s purpose for every individual and the fundamental place of success is living the God-designed life for you. So it’s not about waiting for the government to provide opportunities but creating the opportunities. Personally there are many areas I have interests in, I’m not limited.

5. What is your take on the pandemic?

I will say that everyone has to adhere to the government directives. They’re the God instituted Authority Of this nation. This period will end and things will go back to normal. Though they’re people who are still flourishing in this season, it’s our nature to increase.

6. Comment on the outbreak of teen pregnancies in Kenya.

It is not in order for things to be that way. I can say the answer to all men is Jesus Christ, and that’s how we can have a transformed society.

7. How has your leadership of the CU been? Successes? Challenges?

It has been the best season. God has done great things. Whatever God spoke to us when we were starting; we have seen it come to pass. There has been great increase in all areas and it’s just amazing. The leadership has been a success and smooth because of the Grace of God.

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8. How did your leadership journey in the CU begin?

I can say it started just when I joined campus in first year. I served in a number of subcommittees in the church like Prayer, Evangelism among others. God has been effectually at work in me all along and I have seen Great results by him. I was also the Prayer coordinator before becoming the Chairman.

9. Is the DeKUT CU active during the pandemic? How are you coping?

Yes, we have activities going on majorly our fellowships and services on various online platforms including Zoom, Free Conference call app, Facebook and Kenet conference platform. We currently have three Fellowships in a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

10. Comment on Christianity in DeKUT.

Kimathi University is here because of God and He has a great purpose for this university. Concerning the gospel we are still preaching and I can say people in Kimathi are receptive to the gospel.

11. What is your take on online learning?
So far so good.

You have faced no challenges?

Okay personally I can say there are areas in the country without reliable connectivity so students in such areas are finding it hard to connect to classes.

12. Give a shout out to someone.

I would like to appreciate all the Kimathi family and not really any specific person. If I were to give them a shout out, they’d be too many.

13. How can comrades connect to you on social media?

Facebook: Kenneth Wanzala Okongo.
Instagram: Okongo Kenneth
Twitter: Okongo Kenneth
Linked in: Kenneth Wanzala Okongo
Dechat: Wanzala

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