Influencer of the Week: King Kiiru

Among the celebrities in Kimathi, Owen Kiiru – otherwise known as King Kiiru, is right at the top. King Kiiru will be kicking off our Influencer of the Week section. The Influencer column will serve to highlight comrades with celebrity status and influence in Kimathi.

Meet King Kiiru

King Kiiru, a 3rd Year BBA student is famous in Kimathi for a number of reasons. To begin with, he has great fashion sense and his outfits are always unique and on fleek. His shoe game is also lit as can be seen in his photos.

Usually, Kiiru will stand out among people because of his dressing style. The huge following he has on Instagram – 13.7k followers – is further proof of his excellence in fashion. Speaking of IG, Kiiru is quite the influencer. Apart from his massive number of followers , his posts have excellent engagement. More than half of the photos he has uploaded on the platform have racked up thousands of likes per photo (check out these killer photos on ig @owenkiiru). Kiiru is also followed by multiple influential instagrammers, cementing his status as a social media guru.

When it comes to squad goals, Kiiru hangs out with the who is who of Kimathi. After all, we’d expect nothing less from a king.

Kiiru’s squad
Kiiru and his squad living the good life

It should come as no surprise to you that Kiiru has had his share of relationship drama. He is after all, quite the ladies’ magnet. Fortunately, DekuTrends Influencer was able to catch up with him and ask about his relationship life as we’ll see in the interview below.

1. Who is Kiiru?

Basically i’d say i’m among the few go-getters who love having fun. I have never had passion for anything other than soccer.. My driving force in life is I’m usually there for the glory not some honorable mentions.. I really love money so obviously i want to be wealthy

2. If you weren’t doing your current course, ungefanya nini?

If not BBA then i’d be playing soccer for my club

3. What?! You are a footballer too? You’ve got it all, eh? Are you single?

I’m not single. I’m currently in a very working relationship.

Huh… That’s a shocker…

What did you say?

4. Nothing! Nothing. What is the most expensive shoe in your collection?

The most expensive shoe I have is the latest Cloudburst Prada. It cost me 85 dollars.

5. Wow. Lakini sole yake inakaa mguu ya tractor. Ha ha ha… But ignore that, I’m only jealous. What do you like most about being in Kimathi?

Good friends. They make this place fun.

6. He he. Your answer doesn’t say a lot about Kimathi. You can have good friends anywhere, right? Anyway… if you had the power, what would you change in Kimathi?

I’d work to make events taking place in Kimathi lively.. Very lively!!

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7. I totally agree with you on that. Currently, the events here are shit. What would you like to do to leave Kimathi better than you found it?

Encourage people to support each other.. That way we grow and move together towards achieving our goals

8. Eee. Wanafaa waache ufala and they start thinking and working together. Sijui ka wameskia. Moving on, what’s your favorite eating place in Kimathi?

Kwa Mose!! Its such a vibe… the music and the many people who come there to make moments bright… It makes the place super special..

9. I hope ifikie Mose! Favorite form ya weekend?

Chilling with my squad.. Its basically the best time to be around your people since none is busy with classes or work

Kiiru with his best bud, ride or die, Nelly Wandia

10. That makes total sense. Moving back to girls (yes i have to, he he) who do you think is the hottest girl in Kimathi?

Kimathi has some fine chikas but to me my dearest Wandia Mungai is the hottest!!

11. Well answered. What about the hottest guy, apart from you obviously?

Good looking guys i cant quite say unfortunately but the likes of William Gitonga, Paul Omwenga, Albanus Kioko, Geoffrey Ngari have been giving ladies a hard time 🥴

12. Okay, I hope the ladies have marked these names. Who is your crush in Kimathi mwenye hujai ambia?

This one is hard though since I usually shoot my shot at every girl i find attractive no matter the result.. I’m good at handling rejections but Sylvia Mureithi was at some point my crush and i never told her.. At the time a lot of niggas were vouching for her.. I lost interest unfortunately (impatience)

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13. This is good. Sylvia Mureithi. I hope this gets to you. How many relationships have you been involved in? In Kimathi?

I’ve been in one real relationship… In first year… Though I’ve been linked with many can’t mention names.

14. Umekataa kusema number? He he. Anyway, your favorite genre of music?

I love all genres of music but mostly hiphop and reggae

15. Kuna picha yako niliona na chain. Unakaa hao majamaa wa hip hop ata. Who are your favorite artists both internationally and locally? Both genders if possible?

Inter-nationally – meekmill, romain virgo(doctor love) , megan thee stallion for females

Locally – Otile Brown, Wakadinali.. Females maybe Avril

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16. Unapenda Otile Brown? Sawa. Umm… give a shout out to a couple of your homies

  • Barbie 254 (IG _254barbie) – petite beautiful young lady with a good soul (Ah. Barbara Wanjira. Uyo ata ashai kuwa model of the week DekuTrends. Picha zake zimeweza. Auuuuuuwi)
  • Daniel Munyau – (IG danny bwoy) – necessary evil.. (He he..Uyo necessary evil kwani anakuwaga aje… nadai kumuona)
  • Emmaculate Tei-(tei mutuku) -Emma is classy and bossy and she’s pretty and ghetto.. Type of ladies that would never say hello (Uyo kwanza alikataa follow request yangu ig, tsk. Lakini umetoka kusema she would never say hello maybe ndio maana )
  • Achanga ujinga nani. Hao wengine ni Victor Karanja and Oloo – the most hardworking people i know when it comes to chasing paper (Nipee number zao)

The writer believes in the prosperity that will come as a result of the unity of Kimathi comrades. Engage with him on twitter @mbigatimothy. Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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