Influencer of the Week: Kyvie Great

This week’s Influencer is Kyvie Great, the CEO of Vicharazzi photography. He has great style and has a large following on Instagram. Let’s get right into the interview:

1.Who is Kyvie?

I’m an IT student in Kimathi, niemekoka, I do art and love novels

What do people not know about you?

I do spoken word… I draw, I write and funny enough… People think mimi ni Richkid maringo but I’m none of those… I finance my closet na businesses zangu and I’ve been brought up in a Christian home so I learnt to be humble 😂 Come say hi… I like meeting new people… Ohh and don’t forget to follow @_t.a.s.t.y._l.i.e.s (KYVIE GREAT) and my photography Vicharazzi_photography

Which are these businesses that help you maintain such a closet? Maybe I can try them too

Mostly kuuza shoes na nguo. Photography also pays. I know friends who make a minimum of 40k per week from photography. But I’m not there yet. With school and stuff I haven’t been concentrating on it that much.

Your biggest weakness?

I tend to be a perfectionist and I’m a neat freak.

2. You have such drip. Who or what inspires your fashion sense?

Thanks. I began playing with colors while dressing and I guess that’s what got me dripping… It was accidental 😅

3. Your instagram bio says to DM you for an epic closet?

I supply both clothes and shoes… If you want an upgrade in your closet or to add on to… I’m the guy for you.

4. What made you decide to take up photography?

My father lectures Mass Communication and so I’ve been exposed to cameras since childhood… I just fell in love with it. By the way, DekuTrends has featured some of my photos of @wanini_fay. And you can book top notch quality shoots via @vicharazzi_photography

A photo by @vicharazzi_photography featuring @wanini-fay

5. Does it pay, photography?

Yes it does pay… but not at the beginning mainly as it requires heavy finances to begin. For quality stuff, the minimum starting capital is around 50-60k, depending on the camera you’re using. And I know friends who make up to 40k per week through photography. But they’ve dedicated some years to building their business, so… It takes patience.

6. 16.5k followers on IG. How did you get there?

Patience… Nilianza after form 4 December ya 2017… Haikukuja overnight… Actually niliingia Kimathi at 3k 😅

7. Thousands of likes on your photos. How does that feel like? Some of us have never gotten to a hundred likes on a photo.

Definitely feels nice… I remember when 20 was the maximum ningepata… But to make it…consistency is the key na kustay true to who you are. Ukifanya hivyo… People know what to expect from you thus you get the right audience following you… But pia ukitumia my #gainwithtastylies utaincrease your audience to all who use it ata kama hawajakufollow.

8. Does Kyvie the Great have a girlfriend?

Comes as a surprise to many but No I don’t 😂… Not anymore at least 😅

Come on… You have a best friend at least? Give a shout out

Yes, I do have a best friend @young_jayke

9. How has the Kimathi campus experience been so far?

It’s been different from anything I’ve gone through before but also awesome… Definitely a lot of growth and support from friends.

10. What are you doing to make sure you leave Kimathi better than you found it?

Personally I’m an environmentalist… I’m the guy who would tell you to pick up the trash if I see you dispose of it wrongly. I love how clean and beautiful our school is… why not do our part and maintain it 🤭

11. Who is your hero in Kimathi? A comrade, of course. And be genuine

Unaona ule msee wa tush pale Boma… I like that he is an engineer but he gets time to do his business.
The other one is Paul (Civil Engineering 3.1), he does not know this but I respect his investment or rather way of spending his finances… Wise guy.

12. Your best chill spot in Kimathi? Best form ya weekend? Best eating spot?

Spending time with my friends listening to music… Mostly at my place… Ama kwa tush ya boma… Ukinipata itisha ya mbao lakini sijasema ni mimi nalipia 😅😂😂

13. What do you hate most about Kimathi?

That most people don’t pay attention to what they wear unlike most universities… Usivae kuficha uchi… Piga drip hadi crush wako akunotice 😂

Also, photography haiko as appreciated in Kimathi… Nyeri tech literally offers more business in that field… Huku watu hawataki kukutumia pesa ata ukiget hired 💔😂

Kimathi hapo mmechomewa lakini ni ukweli. Pia mm I’m guilty and I will change.

14. There has to be a girl you had a crush on and you never told her. Now is the time. Let her know.

Hakukosangi wa kukukunywa… Simtaji jina but amefanya niingie Tinder Leo Leo tu 😅… I think atajijua sasa 😂

15. Who do you think is the hottest girl in Kimathi?

Definitely my crush 😅

Aiii. I feel cheated. Ungetuambia huyu crush wako ni nani. Whoever she is, I hope she feels honored.

16. Who do you think has the most clout in Kimathi?

King Kiiru… Nani hajui huyu jamaa 😂 alafu Oloo 🙆🏽‍♂️😅😂

Tutatafuta huyo Oloo pia tumlete huku DekuTrends

17. Give a shout out to the doppest Instagrammers you know from Kimathi

I’d say @n.g.u.r.u.h followed by @king kiiru alafu my roommate @brian.tyler who doesn’t have so many followers(aliuza account akaanzisha mpya) but alianzishia Kenyan Oxygen account

18. Most expensive shoe in your collection? Also, any other of your shoes that you wanna give an honorable mention? Send me the photos

Vapourmax Flyknit na Black Nike 97’s. Dream shoe ni Black V3 so they are definitely up next in my collection. The Vapourmax is worth sh.4000 to sh.4500 kwa duka but, being a shoe plug, I get them for cheaper prices… An offer I can extend to anyone who needs shoes at a comrade price.

You hear that guys? This is the go to guy if you want to have a killer shoegame. DM him on his ig @_t.a.s.t.y._.l.i.e.s.-

Kyvie Great rockign his Nike 97s

19. Some of your fans have told me about your ice chain. They’ve said you wouldn’t go a day without it. What’s with the chain?

It’s got my favourite cartoon Character (Bart Simpson). But I’m a fan of trap so I guess that influenced my love for what I term rather as ice than chains 😅

20. How are you keeping sane with this Corona quarantine thing?

I’m from Rongai ,which was hit first, so trust me when I say staying home is my best option. I believe staying at home is the best way to overcome this virus outbreak, so let’s all do that please 🙏🏽. Ndio tupatane wote back at school.

Let me also give a special thank you to Sharon (ig @roshan_mburu) for putting in a good word for me… God bless her… We all need friends who are out to lift their friends.

***Bored with this quarantine thing? Click here to entertain yourself with some rib-cracking stories from comrades in Kimathi. Feel free to leave your comments below, including suggesting the next Influencer of the Week or Panther of the Week(Kimathi comrade doing something remarkable). Also visit us this Monday and join us on our journey to discover how students make money. Click here to read this week’s Money Monday article. ***


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