Influencer of the Week: MCA Victor Karanja

Meet MCA Victor Karanja

1. Who is Victor Karanja?

Victor Karanja is a young man in school of business, currently in 4.1, who believes in giving back and remaining committed to certain principles.

2. Why do people call you MCA?
This started in first year. I love politics and I have ambitions of vieing for our area MCA position. As I was doing my delegate campaigns I used that name to familiarize myself with comrades. Eventually everybody got used to it.

3. You are one of the most famous class-reps in school of business and you’re definitely one of the favorites for the upcoming CCA awards. Tell us about being a class rep in the most populous school in DeKUT.

Back in first year…10 students were interested in that position, we went for an election and I won…So I believe I’m their choice. I therefore work as their servant and as I am expected to. Being a class rep in kimathi comes with very many challenges bearing in mind most of the time you’re in a fix between the administration and the students. However, I do my best and what I can….. I don’t find it difficult because I believe I’m a leader and leadership is in me. Simply, I enjoy working for my students.

4. You’re also the school of business representative? How did that come to be? And what do you do as the faculty rep?

I grab opportunities cause I know no one will ever give me an opportunity freely. After Nzomo, I took the mandate of being the school rep and started working… I’ve held several rep meetings and requested them to help me fight for our students. Honestly speaking, in SOB we face a lot of challenges and that calls for a sober leader.

5. You’ve mentioned that you were a delegate once. There have always been reports of delegates being bought by politicians. It is said that some even take oaths based on tribe. As an insider, comment on that.

I hear that too. Surprisingly, no one approached me when I was a delegate. Actually I never took anyone’s cash. Later, someone told me that I’m too loyal and that’s why they never wasted their energy. So I just hear that delegates are bought but I’ve never experienced it.

6. You are one of the founders of DekuTrends. Tell us about your involvement in that.

Antony Ngugi came up with the idea. We joined hands to make it happen. I’m pursuing project management and the launch of DekuTrends was a good practical application for the knowledge I had gotten so far. We brainstormed together with the team and did whatever we had to do.

7. I’ve heard you described as a notable businessman. Tell us about your business exploits. I’m sure comrades can learn something from them.

I have no attachment to things, so everything with me is ever on sale 😹😹 That’s step number one in business. Risk big get big. That’s what drives me. What I can tell students is that, they should stop fearing what people will say when they see them hustling… Hustle hard and get a bargaining power, no opportunity will come when you have nothing on your side.

8. You’ve been in the DeKUT political scene as a delegate and a strategist. Comment on this year’s politics and the upcoming elections.

Politics is sweet and tricky at times. I believe this year there are good plans where inclusivity will be key in the leadership. I may not say much about this year’s elections but all will be well. The main agenda is getting commitment based leaders who will fight for comrades’ rights and not tribal wars.

9. You mentioned inclusivity as being key in DeKUT leadership. That implies there have been problems in that area in the past. Tell us about that.

There have been no problems as such. I said that in order to clear the air and let people know that Kenya is the biggest tribe and we all have equal opportunities. People have this mentality that you must support people from your region and my aim is to show that anyone can lead provided he or she is equal to the chance and has good ambitions for comrades.

10. What are your ambitions in leadership?

To prove that there are true leaders who are committed to their duties. Also incorporating everyone and working for better change. I believe I will hold one of the big offices and will do my best and focus on the core business. I know at times politics diminishes the leadership part but I believe I can balance and if it means to leave the politics I will.

11. Give a shout out to a comrade you think has exceptional leadership qualities.

There are many leaders out here minus opportunity and also there is a difference between leaders and politicians. Let me just pinpoint the few who have expressed their leadership on the kimathi platform: The current dekutso led by chairman Theuri and sec gen Manyara, Bwana Mwaura Wakati, Mure, Micha, Emali, Sabul, Alex njuguna… Not forgetting my mentors Rohosafi, James Ngigi and Bonny Gitonga. Surprisingly, I always find something good in each and every person so the list may be endless😹😹😹😹. We all have a good part it’s upon people to choose the part they want.

12. This has been fun. What’s your parting shot?

Life will never be smooth. Work for a better tomorrow and stay focused.

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