Influencer of the Week: Miss Kimathi

Steph, the reigning Miss Kimathi

1. Who is Steph?

I’m a 4th year student pursuing Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. I like to think of myself as an easy going, energetic and open minded person. I’m a jovial face, I like to smile a lot and rarely put on a serious face. Besides my career choice I’m also passionate about modelling. I love dressing up, trying out new outfits, wearing make-up and hitting the runway. The runway is my favorite place. Oooh I love heels. They bring out a bold look and complete an outfit. On top of all that I’m still a committed, hardworking and resilient student in my course. I believe in finishing what you started and not giving up. I like seeing people working towards their goals and achieving them, ladies succeeding and challenging young ladies towards a greater life. So yeah, that’s me, simply Steph.

2. You are Miss Kimathi. What is that like?

Kimathi is still in the process of making the Mr and Miss Kimathi contest a great deal for many people to actually covet the title. A lot of students here may still not know there exist such titles. However, being the current Miss Kimathi gives a certain sense of belonging. I feel happy and honored. It’s just a personal feeling of fulfillment towards the little things I had wished for at one point in life. I’m hoping the institution will embrace the modelling talent in the years to come.

3. Tell us about the event in which you were crowned Miss Kimathi.

The event was a big deal for me majorly because I was doing something i really love. There were a few invited guests and it had experienced judges. The winner was determined by the judges and not the crowd. However, the only titles awarded were the Mr and Miss Kimathi as well as the runners up. The categories showcased were the introduction wear – in which we also showcased our various talents. Others included creative wear, ancient wear/foreign wear, traditional wear, sports wear and dinner wear. Generally the event came out successful. It was a cheerful night.

4. What do you think was the main challenge to the event?

The main challenge was late announcement that the event was going to occur. This gave students so little time to prepare. I heard of so many people who wanted to compete but due to the limited time given they couldn’t manage. Even for us who competed, it was really hard to come up with outfits and everything else needed within a week.

5. What was the prize?

All the winners were given cash awards depending on the position they attained.

6. Had you participated in any other such event in DeKUT before?

No I hadn’t . The one in Dekut was actually my first. I had heard of similar events being held outside campus so there is no sure way of knowing since I had not attended any before.

7. Compare being Miss Kimathi to holding such a title in another university.

Holding the title in Kimathi comes with little/no privileges. In some other universities the title is revered. There’s monthly allowances which I think are a good motivation factor to draw more students to compete and covet the crown.

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8. What do you think can be done to improve similar events in DeKUT?

I think an event like that should be an yearly event and have a fixed date. For example it can be agreed that the event will be held on the first weekend of November or any other date that would be agreed upon. This will allow even students who might not be in session especially those who would like to compete to prepare and manage themselves so they can avail themselves on that day.

9. What role did the department of fashion play in the Mr and Miss Kimathi event?

The fashion department participated by acting as judges during the auditions. In the event we had one judge from the fashion department and two other guest judges. Other fashion department members showed their support by attending the event.

10. In future, what roles do you think the holder of the Miss Kimathi title should have in DeKUT?

The title is the face of DEKUT therefore i think the title holder should be present in social events happening in the university. She should also act as a role model to others and in conjunction with the school’s department of publicity, she should be used to market the school.

11. What role did the Dekutso council play?

The Dekutso council was majorly involved in advocating for the event to be held in the university after a number of years had gone by without the event happening here. It also helped in finding us a model to train us before the competitions. In addition to that, it helped in decorating the runway and generally putting in place other necessary items needed for the event.

12. What did it take to win the title of Miss Kimathi?

First of all there was stiff competition since everybody had a particular aspect in which they were better than others. For instance some models’ walk on the runway was spectacular. At the same time, other models had amazing talents to showcase. I think what made me win was my confidence and believing in myself from the start. Also putting on a smiling face the entire time boosted my points.

13. You are an Engineer and a model. Which way will you go after school?

Uuummmh that’s a tricky one. I mean I like the works of engineering, the way great things are built from scratch. On the other hand, I love modelling, it’s something that comes out naturally in me. It’s difficult to decide so I guess however things play out in the end, I’ll be contented.

14. What would you like to tell the aspiring models in DeKUT? Especially first years who are excited to get the chance to advance their talent in a university?

When an opportunity arises like a competition, they should take it. In the future years there will be different category awards not just the major award. So everyone will stand a chance to go home with a price. They should leave the fear behind because exposure is what makes you better. They can also be a part of the modelling club since there they’ll meet people with same dreams and they’ll learn from each other.

15. Tell us more about the modeling club. I didn’t know that such a thing existed.

Kimathi Fashion Elite is a group or say a club that focuses on fashion, modelling and other social activities. It was created to help students come together and learn more about everything that’s got to do with fashion. The chairperson, who was also a major champion for the Mr and Miss Kimathi event is very passionate about the club and since he’s been there a longer time, he’d be a good guide to members who would like to join.

16. You get to give a shout out to someone. Who will you give it to?
Flavian Moraa, my friend, my classmate, my confidant ,my supporter, my inspiration…I love you for who you are. You are special and I hope you know this. The most magnificent individual I’ve ever met and I thank God we met.

17. I made a pact with my readers that I’ll always ask this question on their behalf. Though I must admit I’m also very interested to know. Are you single?
I’m not single.

Oh. Chest pains.

18. This has been a wonderful pleasure. Any last words?

Be committed in all that you do and never give up

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