Influencer of the Week: Mwaura Wakati

Meet Mwaura Wakati

1. Who is Mwaura Wakati?

Mwaura Wakati is a God fearing man; a fourth year student pursuing bachelor of science in electrical and electronics engineering. I’m a pan African who believes that Africa can be great . I also believe that we should empower a whole generation not just women; I don’t like toxic feminism.

2. You’ve been in the Kimathi political arena for a long time. What have you learnt?

Dekut politics in not idea based politics. It mostly revolves around two political factions; the Kalenjins and the Kikuyus, with each faction believing to be the majority. This always results either in a rivalry or coalition between the two. All the other tribes usually align with the faction where they think they will benefit most.

3. What do you have to say about online classes?

Online classes are good and bad at the same time. I don’t believe that technical courses should be taught online. I cannot trust an engineer, doctor or a nurse who studied online😂. On the other hand, I believe it helps in timely completion of studies. To those who are not able to study online, I believe they can resume their studies from where they left once we physically resume lectures.

4. Do you think online elections will work?

They can work. They’ve worked in Embu university recently. I believe if the school provides voting bundles, it will be successful. The only doubt about them is credibility, acceptability and authenticity.

If we have online elections, will we follow the delegate system?

Having online elections does not mean that we suspend our constitution. If we don’t use the delegate system, then the council elected should be an interim one. In Embu, they used the delegate system.

5. If the elections happen, which candidates do you think we should watch out for?

For now its hard to know bearing in mind that we have been at home and there have been no political activities. Again, I don’t know people who are interested in Dekutso leadership except myself. I will be vying for the chaiperson position.

6. What’s your take on online exams?

There should be no online exams. The authenticity of the exams will be compromised.
But if exams can’t be done online, how will students advance with the piled up work of every additional semester? Aren’t online exams necessary for online learning to continue?
In that case, online learning should stop.

7. In your opinion, how has Dekutso performed since the pandemic?
At least they’ve made sure that the school provides bundles to enable the comrades continue with online classes smoothy. However, the school took advantage of the pandemic to inanely hike the first year fees and Dekutso leaders have unsuccessfully tried to bargain for the fee reduction. The burden will now rest upon the incoming student council to bring sanity with respect to that issue and many other issues affecting comrades.

8. Who do you think has been the greatest Dekutso leader since you joined DeKUT and why?
Ian Kiplimo Sabul alias Sabul the bull. It is during his leadership that I did exams with a very huge fee balance and he wrote convincing memos. You could feel him speak through the memos. He tried to revive comradeship.

9. If you could change one thing about DeKUT, what would it be?
Ignorance among the comrades even in the things that matter. Unless comrades own the student organization, it will remain a toothless association. I would love to see unity among the comrades.

10. What do you love most about Kimathi?
Timely completion of studies

11. When do you think we’ll go back to normal, physical learning?
Most probably January. We are at home due to the pandemic. The curve is flattening and by the time we will be corona free as a country, this semester will almost be over so even if we resume we will do exams as we wait to start a new semester in January.

12. Give a shout out to someone.

Charles Mureithi Kinyai and Victor Karanja Mwangi. The two exhibit great leadership capabilities.

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