Influencer of the Week: Sharon Nyaga

Meet Sharon, DeKUTSO Treasurer

1. Who is Sharon?
I am Sharon Nyaga, a fourth year student pursuing Bachelor of Commerce (Finance). I am a young ambitious leader, who is God-fearing and full of integrity. I also love charitable works, inspiring others, socializing and above all I really value peaceful co-existence.

2. What you do as Treasurer DeKUTSO?

I am in charge of ensuring the observation of acceptable financial practice in all DeKUTSO transactions. I am also the custodian of DeKUTSO books of accounts. Other of my duties include:
– Presiding over Finance, Investment and Tendering committee and overseeing the management of DeKUTSO investment.
– Preparing the annual DeKUTSO budget.
– Any other activity which I may be assigned by the Chairperson,DeKUTSO.

Tell us more about DeKUTSO investment

DeKUTSO currently owns two shops: the printing shop and the food shop. There is also a space set aside for pool table. The finance committee conducts an interview after which the best candidates are awarded the shops and the space and this means they have to pay monthly rent which goes to the DeKUTSO account.

What about our budget? How much is it?

I can not disclose this year’s budget because it has not yet been approved by the administration. But the budget mainly entails our sources of income, for example the income from the shops, student membership, penalties in case there is delay in payment of shop’s rent, registration for DeKUTSO candidates, DeKUTSO membership fee and any other outside source. There is the expenditure which is mainly the students’ activities such as fun days, health and disability activities, seminars and workshops, any DeKUTSO purchases and so on.

3. How has your term been so far?

The term had gone well for the first five months. Things were running smoothly and I could handle everything at ease though at times I had to work under pressure to meet commitments bearing in mind I got classwork too. At times I would get so busy and miss CATS so I had to ask for make-up CATS. Then the unexpected happened: the COVID-19 pandemic, this made every plan to lag behind and working from home has not been so welcoming but I am trying to cope with it.

4. How did you get into politics?

I had always been ambitious about being a student leader and I’ve always had a passion for ensuring there is equality among comrades. First, I used to engage a lot with the previous ladies who were in leadership so I knew the protocol required. I got a chance to serve in Church leadership (the DeKUT CA) early last year which really helped me to gain more confidence. Also for a few months I served as the EKUSA Treasurer. At some point my dream was killed by the fact that you have to spend money to gain such positions and you might as well lose. I never wanted to “waste” my money on politics however small it would be. My aspiration was revived by a friend who asked me “by the way Sharon, si ulikuwa unataka sana kuvie hizi positions za DeKUTSO na saa hii ndio politics zinahit si ufanye mambo.” From there I really thought about it and I decided to approach the current Sports Secretary – Kihonge Kagiri because I had heard some rumors that he wanted to vie. At first things never worked because by then he wanted to vie for the Sec. Gen and that automatically meant the running mate would be vying for the position of a Gender Secretary (I didn’t want that position). Later, I met with Adrian John with whom I shared same goals and we decided to work closely. I had to evaluate things at hand and weigh options from advice I was getting from my EKUSA chairperson – Njeru and vice-chairperson by then- Benson Njuki. I finally joined the GEMA coalition.

5. What has your experience been as a lady in politics in Kimathi?

Well, it has not been so easy. There are times I encounter talkers and trolls here and there which is so obvious. Also, there’s the issue of my opinions not really counting and being undermined just because I am a lady. But because I know what I am up to I just cannot lose focus. It is a good thing to be wise and bold.

6. What has been your biggest frustration while in the office?
The students’ needs not being acted upon immediately. Especially right now with all the issues surrounding online learning.

7. What do you love most about Kimathi?
The timely completion of studies – the University gives us an opportunity to be far ahead of other government institutions. The serenity in the university really helps us to study well. Also, the construction of the Science Park which is likely to create opportunities for students and graduates.

8. If you could, what would you change about Kimathi?
I would change the quality of degree and advance the lecturing mode especially in school of business. I would also advance the current materials used in learning to be more updated. Additionally, I would embrace more co-curricular activities.

9. Comment on your experience with online learning so far.
The learning has not been so good because it has come along with it’s own challenges e.g. poor network connection, some students inability to access the learning platform due to lack of smartphones and laptops, the system hanging time to time especially while doing the CATS. However, the University is continuing to make efforts to ensure students access the learning at ease. Also, it is a good thing that we are not very idle during this COVID pandemic period.

10. The government released a statement saying that we will not go back to school till January. Comment on that.

As per now, I think the decision made by the Ministry of Education is favorable as our health matters most.

11. How do you think the delayed return will affect Kimathi politics?
The delayed return will greatly affect the DeKUT politics since students will be at home in October, when elections are supposed to take place and the Constitution has to be followed….

13.Should we or should not have online exams?

Whether to have exams or not will depend on very many factors that will have to be put into consideration. The key thing is if we have to do the online exams all students are supposed to access them at a convenient level.

14. Tell us about your political ambitions.
If I would get a chance later in life maybe I can vie for Women Representative though I would prefer to be an advocate for some human rights rather than a politician.

15.Give a shout out to ladies you think belong to next generation of leaders in Kimathi?
Sylvia Rotich, Mercy Murugi, Miriam Mbuvi, Loise Nyanjuki.

This has been a pleasure. And Happy Birthday from DekuTrends.

Happy plus one, Sharon


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