Influencer of the Week: Vice Chairperson Purity Mwende

Meet Purity Mwende, Dekutso Vice Chaiperson

1. Who is Purity Mwende?

Purity Mwende is a fourth year student pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, accounting option. I am the DeKUTSO Vice Chairperson and also the MUSA logistics director. I am ambitious and I believe in myself, I chase my dreams without fear…

2. What is MUSA?

MUSA is an abbreviation for Makueni University Students Association which aims at bringing together all University, technical and college students of Makueni County. We carry out activities such as environmental conservation, charity activities, mentor-ship programs and other activities that are aimed at benefiting the community.

What do you do as logistics director of MUSA?

I head the operations department which runs the projects geared towards the achievement of the organization’s agenda. I also coordinate the activities of the association in consultation with the chair, look for sponsorship for the association and also write proposals on its behalf. It’s all about implementation and execution of MUSA projects.

3. What’s the position of Dekutso vice chairperson all about?

This post has got a variety of duties but it majorly deals with academics. Addressing issues arising directly from the academic interests of comrades. So in general it deals with academics, ICT issues and Library facilities. Being there you must work towards the enhancement of high quality academic facilities.

So you’ve been the one in charge of bundles za online learning? Explain to us the challenges we’ve had with that.

Not really, the council was. This lies under the academic docket and I can’t work alone. As a council we work as a team. The bundles issue was no joke but I would like to thank the student council for their commitment to ensure that comrades were provided with sufficient data for accessing online lessons. We have had challenges like delays in disbursement of bundles and also some students issued wrong numbers and others issued Airtel numbers. All these are some of the problems that we encountered but I thank God that we tried our level best to solve all these and we surely did.

Alafu the library fees that we’ve been paying during the period of online learning, what are they for?

Library fees catered for e-learning resources ie e-book and e- journals; these are controlled by the library. Also there was a plan by the school to upgrade our library and all that needed funds to accomplish. The upgrade has already been done and I’m sure students will appreciate that.

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4. It’s election season and a lot of people will be looking to be elected as delegates or into the Dekutso council. You’ve been through what they are about to go through. What does it take to win?

Yeah I have been through this but my political journey was just miraculous. In politics you must play smart, have proper strategies in place and put God first because I believe leadership is God given.

When you say your journey has been miraculous, what do you mean?

I never thought I would get through because the time that I decided to vie, I had no national ID card. I was 17 so I was wondering where to start from. Some people even discouraged me that I was too young for leadership but all in all God led me all through.

So right now you’re 18 but uko fourth year? Nikumaliza unamaliza? 😅


Ulipata ID? 😂

Yeah I got it on May this year, so I now have an ID 😂

5. We are used to ladies in DeKUT vying for assistant positions like Vice Chaiperson. Why don’t you guys go for the big seats like Sec Gen?

Basically, one goes for a seat that he/she is capable of. I don’t know the reason as to why ladies don’t go for those big seats but I believe that this is going to change so soon because we have empowered ladies. Personally, I went for the vice chairperson’s seat because I believed that I would change something in Kimathi.

You’ve said you believe that the situation will change soon. Do you think the current elections will see ladies going for the top seats?

I’m not sure about this but it’s my hope that we will have one

Purity during the swearing in ceremony

6. What would you like to tell the incoming vice chaiperson? Maybe there are projects that you’ve started and you would like him or her to continue with them?

To the incoming Vice, this is one of the posts that has a lot of tasks to accomplish. I know students may view it to be an easy post just because they can’t see what a vice chairperson really does. There are some of my manifestos that I wasn’t able to achieve due to this Covid -19 pandemic but we had already started working on them. To the next vice chairperson and the incoming council be ready for there is a task to accomplish.

Pia sisi we want to tell them that DekuTrends will be there to keep them on their toes. So if they are weak hearted, wakalale.

7. What’s your biggest achievement as Vice Chairperson of Dekutso?

I have been able to accomplish a variety of things through the support of the council.

Today I can assure students that the WiFi issue that I promised to follow up; that is to have wi-fi installed has been successfully accomplished. The school is winding up on the installation of WiFi and we shall have it everywhere within the school.

In addition, the academics committee – which I chair, followed up on the issue of library space. Our library now has adequate space for studies, desktops for quick access of the library have been increased and the chairs were renovated. I am glad to have had the council accomplish all these. I would like to thank all council members for their support, having pushed for this was not a joke.

This is very good. Thank you on behalf of DeKUT 😁 So you have said there’ll be Wi-Fi throughout the school when we go back? 😃

Yeah possibly

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8. What are these items on your manifesto that you say you have been unable to accomplish due to the pandemic?

Issues to do with class rep leadership summits and remuneration. We had already started working on this in February and the first summit was to take place in March but unfortunately Covid struck. I will give concrete documented information on how far we had gone about this once the incoming Vice chair gets into office.

Tell us a little more about the issue of class rep remuneration

Okay…as a council we had a meeting with the class reps where we saw it necessary to have them given a monthly token for airtime purposes. As the council we wrote a proposal to have this done.

How did the administration respond to your proposal?

There is sufficient hope. Actually the ball was thrown back to our side. We were told to sit and come up with a budget – which we did. So this is now to be narrowed down to either DeKUTSO or the school to be the source of these funds. The council was so passionate about this but we were interrupted by Covid and online learning issues. This will be implemented by the next government. Appreciation in form of certificates is still in place.

If it’s implemented, how much will each class rep be given?

Well, I will not disclose that for now, I would say let’s wait until it’s implemented.

So apart from the issue of classreps, you’ve accomplished everything else on your manifesto?

Yeah sure.

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9. Apart from the pandemic, what’s the biggest challenge you have faced in leadership?

Resistance from students. Everything that was done online faced a lot of resistance from the students but the council and I were able to overcome this.

10. There’s been an issue of the gender ratio in DeKUT. Some very evil people have compared us to Juja Boys. As an insider, can you please shed light on the real state of things? Ndio tujue watu wenye wamekosa dem kama ni wao wako nje ama ni gender ratio inawakosea 😂

Kimathi cannot be compared to juja boys… girls are well represented and in a good ratio… Go to school of business, ladies are dominating. Go to tourism, ladies are also many there… Even in engineering departments we have ladies there, not just ladies but beautiful ladies…Simply, kimathi kuna wasichana na wako wengi.

This is one of those ladies wa engineering unaskia. Click here to read Brilliant Ruto’s Influencer of the Week article.

11. Comment on online learning

Change is inevitable but human beings tend to resist it and take time to adapt to the change. This has been the case during this Covid 19 pandemic and one of my major challenges has been the resistance of the E-learning education. However, as a council we did our best in ensuring students are issued with the data bundles, even before paying the 30% as they had been requested, making it easier for most students to learn. It is not all challenges that came along with online classes that we could have solved. Some needed individual effort, for example poor network connection, phone charging,etc. The institution also gave a chance for students who would not be in a position to learn virtually to email the registrar AA and request to continue with their studies after everything comes back to normalcy.

12. What is your ambition?

My inordinate desire lies in politics – in the aid of solving political discrepancy.

13. What do you wish you could change about DeKUT?
Embracement of co-curricular activities

14. Give a shout out to someone.
I would like to give a shout to the following:

  • Alexander Nzomo. He is such a good leader and he helped me in my Kimathi political journey. Wherever you are, may the Almighty God bless you abundantly.
  • The student leaders who have dedicated all their effort to serving the comrades.
  • Cliff Mwania, Agnes Bibi , Ann and Annita you’ve been God sent. Keep it up on your mentor-ship spirit.

The list is endless. To all leaders and friends I recognize you…God bless you.

15. I’m still puzzled by your age 😅 how is it that you get to finish campus at the age of 18? It’s astonishing.

Namaliza at 19 actually. I joined school in 2005 that is from nursery School…from there I have never repeated in any class na nursery nilisoma only one year. As for being a fourth year now, I owe that to the school’s crash program.

16. This has been so much fun but before tuende, there’s a question I always ask. Otherwise mbogi itaniua. And now that you turned 18, sitaogopa kuuliza. Are you single?

I will not disclose my state but what I can say is that I have many friends but my relationship with them is strictly platonic .We exist not as a duo in the love cidatel.

17. What’s your parting shot?

I would like to say this to all leaders out there. Leadership is God given, it’s a responsibility, a privilege and a challenge as well.

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