Intermittent Fasting Week 2


Hey y’all, it’s me and I’m back with another….ok before you roll your eyes I get it, this is not you tube and I’m not black American. Anyway, thing is I’m psyched, by psych I mean hyperglycemic and not in the diabetes kind of way but more like I just ate my first meal of the day way which brings me to the topic of the day; OMAD.

I know you are probably confused,this was supposed to be about intermittent fasting then out of the blues OMAD joins the chat. But come on cut me some slack I’m just as human and if glucose is increasing my serotonin levels then pardon my anatomy. So back to the OMAD mystery or at least it is for those who’ve never heard of it before. It is the abbreviation of One Meal A Day, it’s something you could have easily figured out I know right? I must have made it sound way more complicated and that’s on me not anatomy.


I’m guessing we are going off on a tangent, but wait, we are actually not and this is how. OMAD and intermittent are the same thing with the only difference being their alphabetical arrangements. That’s my personal opinion which a lot of vlogs might disagree with, but on grounds of the end justifies the means it’s the same thing because they have almost similar results.

I decided to switch to OMAD because intermittent fasting was getting boring so I changed a few things. Instead of eating one meal at 3:00pm and snacking all the way till 8:00pm, I took my one meal and all the snacks at a go at 5:00pm. The change has been easy with the hardest part being cutting down on the number of times I snack. The change with all the pros and cons has been as good as rest as they say.

OMAD is great as it is cost effective and time saving. As a pre-comrade , this really is great it feels like I’m preparing myself because the social distance between campus students and money is mind-blowing.

Plus your chances of being fupi nono round are really slim.

I’m finding this journey not as hard so far.

I owe this partly to the kind of schools I went to where we were involuntarily under keto diet. But in case you ever want to do this and find it hard there are some apps that can help. I would suggest ifasting by ibuild and fasting tracker by magnetic lab. They are free on playstore. Seems like my energy levels have now gone down and all my mind can think of right now is snacking but I’ve said no to temptation, so excuse me I need to go get some water.


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