Chronicles of Health and Wellness: Intermittent Fasting Week One


Last week I decided to start intermittent fasting and this is a report of my first week.

Easier said than done is a phrase we all relate to in very many ways. This is what was on my mind when I decided to do intermittent fasting. However, whoever said attitude is 100% was the more right of the two.
I started fasting on Sunday the 1st of August 2020 at 8:00pm. I used the 16:8 method which involves fasting for sixteen hours and
eating during an eight hour window. Quite frankly I thought it was going to be so hard that I’d just give in and go back to my normal eating routine. Contrary to my expectations it was easy and I even managed a 20hr fast on my first day. The 20hr fast was okay though I only did it because I was busy and didn’t even realize that it was past 12 noon.

However the other days I broke my fast at exactly 12:00 noon.

The following are the details of how I went about this. I started my fast at 8:00 in the evening. I drank water before I went to sleep, woke up, drank some more water and checked the time literally every five minutes awaiting 12:00 noon. I drank water to fill my stomach and keep hunger at bay.

At 12:00 noon I broke fast with a fruit mostly avocado and ate an actual meal at 3:00 in the afternoon. I did not eat any other meal after three instead I opted to snack enough to account for another meal. At exactly eight I stopped eating and the cycle repeated itself.

I noted a few things in this first week, the first one being that fasting got easier with each passing day.
It even started to feel more like a lifestyle than a diet. Scientifically this can be due to reconditioning of appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin. I also got dehydrated really fast and upon further research this was due to less glucose present in the blood.

During the first few days my energy levels were low but they got better with time.

About physical changes I was at 58kg and I’ve decided to weigh after two weeks since most of the weight lost during the first week is actually water weight which can easily be regained.

For those interested in doing this there are a few things to note.
One, you should choose a personalized method for example I chose to fast between 8:00pm and 12:00 noon because I usually wake up at 10:00 am hence I’m asleep most of the time making it slightly more manageable. Also keeping busy helps to distract someone from thinking about food so you might want to include a few other things on your to-do list.

Two, while breaking fast you should take either fat or carbs but not both at the same time.This is because at this time insulin is very sensitive and everything you take will be absorbed quickly rendering your fast useless.

Third, before you start it is wise to seek advice from a nutritionist especially for people with pre-existing conditions and food disorders.

I find intermittent fasting really efficient.
Unlike other diets I’ve tried before it doesn’t require a 700 HIIT workout, calorie counting , some type of food I’ve seen only on TV shows or God knows what. It is also cost efficient. The only thing you are required to do is nothing. I mean what else would you ask for?


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