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Over the past two weeks, we’ve looked at online writing and Forex Trading as ways of making money for comrades. But you can’t really talk about comrades and making money without mentioning network marketing. The term “network marketing” as known to most of today’s comrades is just a respectable term for the numerous pyramid schemes that are in existence.

Network marketing started as a genuine marketing strategy in which customers would benefit after introducing additional customers for a product. However, with time, money hungry people devised pyramid schemes. A pyramid scheme usually has no product to market yet people still make money. Here’s how it works: You pay to join. Once you’re a member, you earn by getting new people to give their money to the scheme. It’s basically an issue of money changing hands. The only thing that matters is your position on the pyramid. There’s always a deficit that needs to be funded by getting new members.

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Such schemes generally work very well as long as there are new members joining the scheme. The moment there are no new members, the immediate members suffer. They will have lost their money. It is important for you, our readers to take note of this risk because in the coming weeks, we will be taking a look at the various network marketing schemes around. Apart from the pyramid schemes, we’ll be looking at the few genuine network marketing schemes still in existence that comrades can use to make money.

Despite the risk of a pyramid scheme eventually running out of new members, more and more comrades are joining these schemes. In fact, since jobs are increasingly scarce, pyramid schemes are more popular than ever. To add salt to injury, the Corona scare has made more people need to make money from home. The argument seems to be: If I can make money, and the only work I have to do is invite additional people, why not? Furthermore, these schemes seem to be working for many comrades, because otherwise, they’d have a bad reputation – which is not the case.

Even more important is the fact that no one knows how long the Corona situation will last and how bad the economic ramifications will be. These are tough times, calling for tough measures. The wise comrade will try to get an extra coin by every means possible… while he or she still can.

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Consequently, Money Monday decided to get into one of these schemes by the name of Investor. Investor is an app that markets itself by saying that if you deposit money with them, you’ll get your money back plus 50% after 5 days. In addition, once you pay the sh. 500 registration fee, they give you betting odds with 95% chance of success. They also give you free Forex signals.

It all sounds like an attractive package. It seems like a genuine network marketing scheme because it aims to sell the investment package. They also have a referral program: If you refer someone to the app and they pay the sh. 500 to activate their account, you are paid sh.300.

However, after investigation, we found that the Investor app is really just a pyramid scheme. If you take it as what it is, a pyramid marketing scheme, then you’ll be satisfied with the results. You’ll make money by inviting people to the app. You will not bother with the investment bit. Here is why.

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First of all, the betting odds they provide are not up to date so they can’t help you. Also, the forex signals they give are unreliable. When it comes to the investing itself, it’s really not investing. First, the minimum amount of money you can invest is sh. 1000. So let’s assume that Shiro wants to invest sh. 1000 and get sh. 1500 after 5 days. She’ll first have to activate her membership with sh. 500. Afterwards, she’ll have to deposit sh. 1000 and wait for possibly up to 20 days instead of the 5 days that were earlier promised. When the “investment” finally matures, she’ll expect to go withdraw her sh. 1500.

Supposing that she withdraws the sh.1500, they will simply be giving her money back. She won’t have made any investment. Moreover, to her shock, she will discover that she can only withdraw 50% of her investment.

So there you have it. Knowledge is power. With this knowledge at hand, Money Monday proceeded to download the Investor app. We have made quite some money through referrals (I won’t say how much) and we think that you, our dear reader, can make money too. Moreover, with the information given to you above, you will know exactly what to expect and you won’t be frustrated. You will also not lose your money.

The important thing to remember is that to be on the safe side, use the investor app only as a pyramid scheme. To make money, you will of course need to first deposit sh. 500, which will give you the right to invite people.

Here are the steps to make money using the Investor app:

  1. Once you’ve installed the app, you have to create an account with your name, mobile no. and a pin
  2. Log in. Make sure you have keyed in the referral code 427949. We’ll never be anything but honest to you so know that keying in the referral code will give Money Monday sh.300. A little something for all the trouble we go to in trying to make you rich, eh? Afterwards, you will also get sh.300 for each person who uses your referral code.
  3. You’ll be required to deposit sh. 500 via M-Pesa. It’s a simple process, taking a minute or two.
  4. Once your account is successfully activated, invite everyone including your relatives, village mates and friends. Tell them you’re going to make them rich. The promise of wealth is irresistible.
  5. Relax and start watching your money coming in, in multiples of sh.300.
  6. Here’s the link to your app, or should I say the key to making it through these tough economic times brought upon us by Corona?

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