Is Kimathi happy with DEKUTSO?

Dedan Kimathi University has been ranked 46th out of 71 in terms of how its students are satisfied with their current student council. The satisfaction rate of students in Dedan Kimathi with their student council is at 53.30%, with a mean score of 2.7 out of a possible 5.

The leading university on the list, whose students are the most satisfied with their student council, is the Technical University of Kenya, with a satisfaction score of 88.20% and a mean score of 4.4. While we don’t know the criteria that were used to make these rankings, it is clear that Kimathi students are not exactly pleased with their student council.

On the whole, DeKUT has been lagging behind in almost every other field apart from academics compared to other universities. Last December, when we hosted the inter university games, our football team did not win a single match, despite being the hosts. There have been complaints of the university administration not giving enough importance to extracurricular activities, especially sports.

We are also lagging behind in other areas such as theatre. For example, the plays staged in Kimathi are nothing compared to those staged in other places such as Maseno and Kenyatta University. One may argue that this difference is due to the fact that DeKUT mainly offers science and technology courses. However, this is only an excuse because we all have other interests and hobbies, regardless of the courses we are taking. Our failure to get to the level of other universities in carrying out these hobbies and interests cannot be blamed on anyone else but us.

That said, maybe the reason we are unsatisfied with our student councils is because we cannot hold them accountable and they therefore don’t see the need to perform. They get elected for a one year term then leave. Most times, they have nothing to show at the end of their term but they have no one to answer to. The cycle repeats itself and eventually, our student body becomes a formality, something that’s just there for show. The delegates that elected these people were thrown aside as soon as we were done with the elections, yet they are the ones who could maybe act as a watchdog to ensure that our student leaders deliver.

It is no wonder that we are lagging behind because the very people who are supposed to be leading us are just there; most of them anyway.

We’ve decided to hold a survey in which students rate the performance of the student leaders in the current office. That way, at least we get to know the truth about who helped us and who didn’t. We also get a chance to verify the results of the study that we’ve presented above.

Next week, we will present the results of the survey. After that, we will interview each of the student leaders to give them a chance to explain what they have done with the offices we gave them. If you wish to ask the student leaders any questions, leave the questions as comments in the comment section at the end of this post.

There are five different surveys, all short and each taking less than a minute to fill in. Please take a moment and fill them by clicking on the below links.

Presidential Survey – Click here

Sec Gen Survey – Click here

Finance Survey – Click here

Sports and Security – Click here

Gender and Disability Survey – Click here

During student elections, we’ve fallen victim to the national culture of voting along tribal lines instead of choosing leaders based on merit. Hopefully, in future, we will be wiser. It would be criminally stupid for us to allow mediocrity and poor performance from someone we’ve elected simply because he or she is from our tribe. We are better than that and we deserve better. Hopefully, as this year’s student elections approach, we will keep that in mind.

Spread this link to this post to as many Kimathi comrades as you can so that we can see where we stand in terms of our leaders.

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