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Hi,mates the atmosphere of Kimathi is now filled with the aroma of politics,each school trying to take their representative into political mortgage that is delegate. But my question is who will you designate to shoulder your final decision in order to be represented by assertive people who stand for change and are even ready to be used as a sacrificial lamb for a better tomorrow?

So permit me a little attitude to analogize what I’ve observed. You see there is a friend of mine whom we don’t agree on many things but we agreed on this. Tribalism is well and alive in Kimathi. Ideas don’t sell here no matter how you try to convince a comrade that you got something it will be like trying to tell an elephant to jump, because at the end of the day they will ask you your ethnic extraction. So even if you introduce yourself as Bujo they will insist to know your second name not because they want to know your full name but because they want to know your ethnic extraction so that they may pigeonhole you accordingly.

So you will all agree with me that there are no elections we are going to hold rather we are going to hold census like we did last “election”. Now it will depend on which tribe you come from. But this begs a question, what if that person you want to elect who qualifies only for one reason that is “You share same tribe” has got his own charlatan reasons which in the long run you won’t benefit from?

You know the Marxists had a beautiful slogan which states that “The safety of bushwasi require that an electorate be kept in most profound ignorance.” If I step it down to plain English it simply means that the love of kinsman clouds our judgment to an extent that it makes us not to see the big picture. Please don’t get me wrong , I’m not speaking with anger that inflames your emotions but I’m speaking with firmness that opens your eyes.

No one is a child of a lesser God ,and that’s why I want us to vote for ideas irrespective of ethnic extraction because if we fail to do so it will be our downfall. Ask yourself this thought provoking question… that person you want to elect is he/she ready to do what a monk did? A monk who sold his’s a nice book you can read during your free time.

So Come next Tuesday date 15 October we will all be empowered. You will be given an empty check so it’s up to you ,but don’t buy a tuktuk from India and expect it to work like a Lamborghini. Because what we usually do is we elect hyenas to take care of the goats and when the goats are consumed we wonder why. Don’t wonder because we are coauthors of our own misfortune.

I look forward for a wise decision that we will make come next week.
*#Activist Bujo.*


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