It’s What Men Do

I used to hear stories about them, those two legged beasts – haunting stories about how they are driven purely by desire. But they were just stories, or so I thought.

And in any case, I had this knight in shining armor. I loved him, he was my hero. With him around, nothing would ever harm me: his little princess. Not even those monsters, in case they turned out real. Or so I thought.

With time, like girls do, I started blossoming. Their eyes started lingering on my body for an extra second or two. There were some I would stare at when they weren’t looking. ‘Cute’. Yes, that’s the word my friends and I started using for them.

Then one day – one fateful day – We were home alone. My mama was away because, well, grownups sometimes; they get married and then they hate each other; if you can understand that. My mum and dad were divorced and lived separately. I loved my knight in shining armor so I had chosen to live with him. It was a holiday and I was having the time of my life.

And then he… He came to check up on me. I heard his voice and looked up with a smile. There was something about his eyes; I can still see it when I close mine today. I looked at him, trying to figure out what was different. Meanwhile, his mouth started moving but my attention was on his eyes. He started walking towards me.

As he approached me, what I saw in his eyes made me start moving backwards. I had a heart- shaped cup in my hand… it fell and shattered. I hadn’t taken a couple of steps backwards when I hit a wall. I felt some pain in my bare foot. I looked down to see a piece of the porcelain cup in it. When I looked up again… The monster stories had come to life. They should have mentioned that the monsters could steal your father’s face.


Now, years later, I’m holding a porcelain cup with coffee in it. I’m having breakfast in bed. The eggs are particularly delicious. I have eaten four of them. She loves spoiling me. She gives me a peck as she leaves for work. The peck almost turns into a kiss but she has an important meeting today so she can’t be late. She leaves me looking at the porcelain cup. Looking and reliving. I rise and go pour the coffee in the sink. I thought by now, I should be able to drink from a porcelain cup without remembering that incident. It turns out I thought wrong.

Later, in the evening, I will start my shift at the Nefario Bar. I’ll be surrounded by those… monsters. I’ll have to smile at the shit bags all night. It is actually pretty easy, once you get the hang of it. One or two of them will try to hit on me. Maybe he will be cute and I’ll have to remind myself that it’s just a mask and beneath it hides the devil… the devil made flesh. Maybe he will spank my ass and I’ll struggle to remind myself to breathe. I’ll think of reaching for the dagger I always strap onto my inner thigh. But don’t worry, I never do. At least, I have never had to use it until now.  

Instead, I have a punching bag back in my apartment. It’s where I go to let out all that bottled up anger. Plus it helps me stay in shape for Miranda. Yep, that’s her name. Oh! And guess how I spent Fathers’ day?

With my punching bag.


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