Kihonge Kagiri: Influencer of the Week

Kihonge Kagiri is the DeKUTSO Secretary in charge of Sports, Security and Entertainment. It goes without saying that he is one of the most influential people in Kimathi today. Influencer asked him a couple of questions and here is the interview:

1. Who is Kihonge?

Kihonge Kagiri is an ambitious young man in love with politics and technology. I’m a leather technology student in my final year. I’m also an Influencer , optimistic and God fearing.

2. Has your class started learning? Comment about online learning.

My class commenced online studies this week on Monday. Unfortunately, only 9 out of 21 students managed to attend the first lesson. The average attendance for the four classes we’ve had is 11 students. Most of them have problems in connection and data bundles.
This is a good example of what is happening among other courses. After a survey this week, we came to the conclusion that only 40% have managed to successfully attend the classes.
With the issuance of data bundles to everyone after registration starting this week, I really hope that the percentage will rise up to 80-90%. This is as a result of our efforts to have everyone catered for. I would like to emphasize to everyone to register as soon as possible so that he/she won’t be left behind.

3. You’re the Sports, Security and Entertainment Secretary. What has that experience been like so far?

Sports, Security and Entertainment are critical things in a student’s life. Through interaction with comrades, I have learned the seriousness which is needed to make sure the best is offered to students.
Kimathi students loves sports but unfortunately the administration is not that keen unless you make them realize the hidden treasure in games. I remember earlier this year when Usagi, a student here, managed to scoop the Male Hockey Player of the Year Award.

I presented how he managed to bring the university under the limelight and suggested to the VC that allocation of more resources to games can make Kimathi greater. I’m hoping this will be reflected in the budget 2020/2021.

I love Entertainment and so do many students and for this reason I have been consulting with stakeholders and learned that it’s a thing I have to invest in if I am to leave a legacy. In the past experience which is narrated by comrades, there is the general feeling that they need better.

4. What has your political journey been like?

My interest in politics started back when Babu Owino was the SONU President. He inspired my desire to become a leader.

When I joined Kimathi in 2018 I started interacting with the then student council. Suprisingly, Rohosafi – who was the chair – was from my sub county and this motivated me so much because he became my political mentor. Later when election time approached I was approached by Sabul the Bull who supported me to be a delegate but before election others like Bony, Jaymo and Emali also saw potential. I won it . Immediately after those elections I started doing my research on how campus politics look like, and by end of 2018 I declared my interest in the coming elections but only informed a few friends.

March 2019 is when real business started and it’s at that time I came to know most of my political mentors, helpers and also the the current Chair Theuri and Sec gen Manyara. We worked together even without knowing which seat I will vie though I was interested in the Sec gen position.

The journey had difficulties but I thank God finally we managed. I send great regards to all those who believed in my ideology, supported me physically, emotionally and financially.

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5. What are your political ambitions?

I’m born in a family of politically minded people and as they say like father like son, I have adapted the genes. I’m ambitious enough and would love to have the top job.
I will be in the political arena soon possibly 2027 for Ndaragwa parliamentary seat. I’m already working on it

6. What does the HELB situation for students look like? Is there hope?

Yes there is hope. We expect the money to have been released by next month. Necessary arrangements and contacting of the helb office have been done and so students should continue applying for their salary.

7. How do you feel the pandemic has affected the work of DeKUTSO and especially your docket?

This pandemic has affected us in many ways across the country. In my docket it has brought so many hitches. On 27th March 2020 we were supposed to have the end of Jan April semester bash . Everything was planned but unfortunately all was in vain.

The second inter-class tournament would be ongoing unfortunately it’s not happening. The freshers bash would have been held yesterday. Most probably Ethics or Sailors would be the main artist but it isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Maisha, Sauti ya Mwananchi and Watchman radio campus tour which I had already contacted and planned for won’t be happening. All these among other things have been affected and I hope normalcy will soon be back.

8. What will happen to the planned projects and DeKUTSO work in general if students don’t come back to school soon?

Most of the project are at a stand still because currently no one will attend to them. But those things that we can do as a council while at home we are still pursuing to ensure that comrades continue getting services. We plan to do more that does not require student participation.

9. What do you think your legacy will be as a member of the DeKUTSO?

Legacy is one of the things that I hold dearly in my heart. Probably next week I will be launching the comrades for comrades initiative, which is a goodwill foundation to help the vulnerable comrades and also do some things that will be of beneficial to the Kimathi fraternity. I also have a record of the first Kimathi league among other things.

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10. You recently appeared on the Nairobian for personally taking charge of the rehabilitation of some roads in your home area. Tell us about that.

As I stated, I always feel good when making a difference. This made me go an extra mile in giving back to the community. Changing the lives of those around you not only earns blessings but also hope for a better future. I know that one day I will not only be in the magazines but also in history. Leadership is influence and you don’t have to own millions to make impact. Martin Luther junior once said “be the change that you wish see”

11. What has your best moment as a leader been?

I’m always happy when comrades are happy and when what I’m doing turns out to be successful.

12. What was your worst moment as a leader?

I hate social media defamation especially when the state of things on the ground is different.

13. Give a shout out to an influential Kimathian, someone you think could get into DeKUTSO next year.

Politics is an unpredictable game so I can’t tell who will be in DeKUTSO. But I would like to give a shout out to Sheriff, a brother in kimathi I never had.

14. This has been a pleasure. As we wind up, what’s your parting shot?

Leadership is not that easy. It needs a strong soul to survive. I would like to encourage all youths to give it a chance. Problems are solved by consultation but not insults, negotiations but not propaganda. Criticize by the way I love critics; they make me work better but also appreciate where it’s well done. Let’s embrace the culture of helping each other and not taking advantage of situations.

15. How can comrades connect to you?

Twitter, DeChat, Facebook and Instagram Kihonge Kagiri
Phone number for help and consultation 0719195988

If you have any questions you would like to ask the DeKUTSO, post them on DeChat with the hashtag #Askdekutso and we will present the questions to them and give the answers either through the website or on the DeChat App. If you’re yet to download the DeChat App, click here to download it on Play Store and join almost 1000 comrades.

To vote for Charnie Gakuu from DeKUT as Miss Earth Kenya, click here. You’ll be required to provide your Facebook details.

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