Kimathi Fare Hikes Due to Kabiruini Show

The annual Agricultural Society of Kenya Kabiruini Show has kicked off
today. The show is expected to last till Saturday. To take advantage of the
increased traffic to Kimathi, Nyekicha hiked their fare to 30 bob yesterday.

This increase comes barely two months after Kimathi comrades fought for the reduction of fare to 20 bob. However, thanks to efforts by our DEKUTSO, it has been agreed that students will pay 20 bob on the condition that they provide their student IDs. It is therefore advisable for you to carry your ID while going to town.

The theme of this year’s show is “Promoting Innovation and Technology
in Agriculture and Trade.” DeKUT will be showcasing several innovative
products, including the Mkulima Young App and a camera app that aids in
recognition of plants. We will provide extensive detail on this tomorrow.

The charges for getting into the show are sh. 250 for adults. However, if
you come together as a group of 10 people and above, you get to pay sh. 200

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