Kimathi Matatu Fare To Drop to 20 Shillings

Kimathi Matatu Fare To Drop to 20 Shillings
According to trusted sources, Sabul The Bull – Kimathi student council’s secretary general – has arranged for the fare to Kimathi from Nyeri town to drop to 20 bob. The fare currently stands at 30 bob.
If you tell a fresha in Kimathi right now that we used to pay 15 bob to and from town less than one year ago, they won’t believe you. Well, it’s the truth. The Nyekicha Sacco stage used to charge us 15 bob from town to Kimathi. Kiemwa Sacco used to charge us 20 bob.
That is until Matiang’i, the fierce minister, decided to bring back the Michuki rules: there would be no overloading, all matatus had to have seatbelts, that sort of thing; you remember it. This strict enforcement of matatu rules was implemented in the month of November, last year.
Matatus round the country took this as a golden opportunity to hike fares. However, in most of those other places, when the Christmas holiday season had passed, fares went back to normal.
Here in Nyeri though, the fare to Kimathi continued to be 30 bob. In the beginning, they used the Matiang’i rules and the increase in petrol prices as excuses. With time though, they no longer bothered to hide this shocking theft; shocking because they had literally doubled our fare for no reason. Petrol prices had gone back to normal so they could no longer use that as a reason.
Even more shocking was their audacity to carry excess passengers while charging double the normal fare. To be fair, the current overloading cannot be compared to before, where a 14 seater matatu used to carry 18 people. Still, it hurts to be uncomfortable knowing that you are paying double what you are supposed to pay.
The Kimathi students of now are a spineless lot; so far we have done nothing about this mistreatment, which is such a shame. A couple of years ago, these same unscrupulous matatu operators tried doing the same thing. They were dealt with properly. Through lobbying, the Kimathi university buses were commissioned by the VC to be making several trips a day to and from town. Some comrades would even gang up and walk to their hostels on the way to town in order to avoid paying the high fare.
If indeed Sabul The Bull has arranged for us to be paying 20 bob, thank God for him. He will have our undying gratitude. It’s good to see that he is making a positive impact while in office, unlike some of his counterparts, who cannot show us what they have done since they got elected.
Kiemwa Sacco has already made a sign with “Kimathi – 20” written on it. Here is the pic

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