Kimathi Students To Be Jailed

Several Kimathi students are rotting in King’ong’o at the moment. They are in remand prison awaiting trial in August. These students were arrested in connection with possession and trafficking of weed.

According to our sources, the operation to arrest these students was initiated and led by the school security office. It was planned for about a month before finally being executed early last month.

In one incident, an eye witness reports seeing the school security officers storming a room and locking themselves inside as they ransacked it. They then called the police who came and arrested the students.

Two weeks ago, the arrested students were arraigned in court and their cases mentioned. Among the charges read against them were possession and distribution of the illegal drug. If found guilty especially of the trafficking charge, these students face either imprisonment for multiple years or large amounts of money in fines. At the moment, the bail amount for their release pending trial is set at a hundred thousand shillings. Without paying this money, the students will remain in jail until August.

To the best of our knowledge, those affected by this crackdown are from hostels just around the school. We have chosen not to mention the names of these hostels here. A student from a hostel in the Embassy residential area was also arrested.

The future of the arrested students remains gloomy, even as we await their arraignment in court.

All reports indicate that the raid was well organized and that it targeted specific individuals. This suggests that the school security officers were well informed.

Recently, there has been a country wide debate about legalizing weed. The motion to legalize weed has received a fair amount of support, showing that we are not even sure whether weed should be legal or not.

Regardless of whether weed is legal, there is one burning question: Should you wreck the LIFE of a student simply because he or she is using bhang? Here is a university student; so many resources have been spent to get him to where he or she is. He would have been an asset to the country: an engineer for example, or an actuarial scientist.

Let’s say he is lucky enough to stay in jail for about three years instead of the more probable ten and above. Will this individual be a potential engineer or a criminal? Do you see this guy going back to school? Do you see this guy experiencing overflowing love for their fellow humans, yet it was these same humans that wrecked his life by meddling in affairs that weren’t theirs?

And for a moment, supposing that the informant is a student, let’s try to get into his or her shoes. A student, my comrade, is smoking weed. I hate weed, it appalls me. It’s totally okay that I hate weed. I have numerous options including avoiding him. Instead, I choose to report him to the school.

Even if I do get paid, can I really sleep at night knowing that I’ve successfully ruined the entire life of a fellow student; a comrade? How can I sleep, knowing that I’ve taken a bright fellow and transformed him into a hateful, vengeful potential criminal?

And all that for what? A few hundred shillings? Several thousand shillings? A million? Or is it to prove to myself that I’m a better person than my peers?

It’s a very difficult thing to understand how a comrade could do that to a fellow comrade. But hey, that’s how we’ve chosen to be in Kimathi right?

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