King of Clout: Joe Mwangi

Meet the King of Clout in Kimathi
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One week ago, DekuTrends and DeChat launched the #clout challenge. We wanted to find the King or Queen of clout in Kimathi or in other words, the person who gets the most WhatsApp status views. To participate, all you had to do was put up a link to one of DekuTrends articles on your WhatsApp status, take a screenshot of the link and send it to us. As part of the motivation to participate, we have been giving sh.100 to a random comrade every day.

Here is the list of the daily winners of sh.100:

  1. Sunday, Joe Mwangi.
  2. Saturday, Denis Erima.
  3. Friday, Christine Chemutai.
  4. Thursday, Stephen Musangi.
  5. Wednesday, Geoffrey Kimani.
  6. Tuesday, Francis Onchangwa.
  7. Monday, Francis Onchangwa.

Joe M has emerged the winner of this competition with a staggering 2250 status views. We therefore hereby crown Joe M the King of Clout in Kimathi.

We asked Joe M a few questions:

1. Who are you?

I’m Joe Kirathe Mwangi, a 3rd year Bsc IT student.

2. 2250 status views on WhatsApp. How?

It’s simple. Save people’s number and get people to save your number. And I meet a lot of people in the course of my photography. I’m a photographer, video-grapher, a graphic designer and I teach professional photography.

Plus for this competition I unblocked guys who normally don’t view my status: the whole squad ya church and audience yenye generally haifai kuona memes.

3. Tell us about your photography

I started photography back in 2017 with my Tecno phone but I’ve been able to grow to a registered company. I use a full pro camera(Nikon D7000). I do all kinds of shoots but I mostly do portrait photography. I’ve worked with a number of celebrities including Khaligraph Jones (The OG) and Femi 1(Mtawezana😂). The Dedan Kimathi school photos greatly popularized me in Kimathi and Nyeri.

4. Give a shout out to a couple of your friends
Shout-out to Almonte Icons, Happiness Ndanu (Founder – Kijana Jasiri Foundation), Juma Mukhosi, Sharon Muthoni, Peter Ngure, My model Barbra, and Bidan Gitau.

5. Where can people reach you?

IG @ joem_photography. Fb joem_Fotography. The website is coming soon.

6. If I wanted to learn professional photograpy, how much would it cost me?

It costs 25,000 to learn the full course which includes: Field work, Editing, Lighting, Photography Law and Photography business

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7. Roughly how much do you make from photography?

20-40k a month…but hii corona imeharibu😂😂

8. You seem successful in photography. What are your plans after school?

Successful? Bado. I’m yet to get there.

After school I want to go bigger (invest more in gear, marketing and Lighting) but I still have IT to think about.

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