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You know those common cliché phrases of we’re just friends, they are the most overrated typa friendships, but not more than these people parading themselves as best friends. I once asked a friend if he’d date his girl best friend. The kind of look I got was enough to tell me, some things can never be acknowledged, even if it was happening inside your own gut, you’ll probably go ahead and be like calm down, feeling, you’re not allowed to suffice this life. I’m talking about the kind of rapport you create with your best friend, most of you will say it’s family-like. Let me ask, do you see your best friend as your sister really? Or you ever hugged her and felt butterflies take off from your tummy straight to your head. You once saw her half naked and thought to yourself, she’s an angel. I had to use that holy angelic ki-line so you wouldn’t think the worst of yourself, for thinking that dirty of the person you force yourself to see like a sister.

Do you all have these two friends, who everyone thinks they’re a thing, they act like newly-weds that never get over their honeymoon, yet they still deny that chemistry or physics whatever between them? We all have a close friend, whom we’d share the craziest of things with. That person you’ll tell them of how you ate a weird meal during lunch (probably mbosho and mchele or chapo madondo) then went ahead for that lecture at 2pm, sat in front of that chic you usually have some crush-like sort of thing and your stomach kept rumbling, wild like it was roaming in the jungle. All she does, that ka-friend of yours will burst out laughing (they usually have really bad laughter, or they laugh their worst when they’re around you) and both of you will make fun of the whole ordeal. You will go ahead to gossip with her, talk about how your other friends are so dumb for thinking you are dating. Those friends are the most priceless I agree, they are the gems you could ever have as human beings. The whole friendship idea changes when you go overboard, when you start overdoing your “bestfriendship” and we out here are unable to can, unable to see otherwise. Or we’ll say, mnatubeba ufala.

Let me ask for the second time, would you date your bestie? I’m talking about the opposite sex remember. Let me guess, you’re denying it, with all your might, mind, soul and strength. But why exactly wouldn’t you, because you made a pact? That would be the dumbest of reasons, more so if it is the one keeping you from thinking of it as a probability. I’ve seen my “couple” friends walk from Boma to the resource main gate here in Kimathi, holding hands, OMG they were so cute I swear that day I cursed the day they met and chose to be just best friends.

Have you once thought how it would be like if you actually married your best friend? How you will never have to start learning them, you know they can act like a twelve year old when they’re twenty. You know you can hide the tissue then she goes to the toilet and all she’ll do is scream so hard and do nothing. You understand his feet smell at times when he wears certain shoes (or his just smells all the time). You actually know he can’t eat a snack like chipo and sleep (even if it were a whole gunia of waru) and you’ll know better (prolly cook ugali). A friend once told me, nothing feels better than dating or marrying someone who’s been your friend for sometime. Now can you just stop and think how that’d be like if you dated that nigga you call when you have extra storo bonus just to chokoza him and tell him, kwani sifai kukusalimia, when literally you couldn’t think of someone else. I still think that kind of relation is the one we need to mend all these screwed up relationships

One last time, would you date your best friend? If you gave me reason enough, well and good. But if you still think he is adorable, cute, and even get jealous when he spends more time with another girl other than you, you can’t argue with me.

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  • Silicon says:

    Someone told me that your best friend is like your brother or sister. Can you date your brother or sister? Wouldn’t it be weird?

  • Lorfeen says:

    It is possible to date your ‘bestie’ n it is very lovely because the person knows u better, n remember the more you spend ur time with him the more you get hooked to him such that u feel awful when u do something n he’s not around.

  • Gracious says:

    You can date your best friend if you always saw them as ‘potential ‘ but if you view them in a sibling kind of way then it wont be possible.

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