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‘There is something about the idea of a confident woman, a woman who likes herself, that causes both men and women to erupt in flaming, irritable, enveloping misogyny.”

Quite verbatim.

Like reading? I’d totally recommend Chimamanda’s question and answer sessions. Videos? Mmh even better.

With the dynamo of perpetually cheerful energy that we all celebrated our mothers with, did anyone celebrate their mother for raising them to be a Feminist?

Hold. Would you wish to be celebrated for that?

Hold some more. Would you deliberately raise a Feminist?

In light of the extreme version, probably not.

But shifting the spotlight, abit..just abit to the right, Yes! Yes! Affirmative. Of course, right is the word.

Ever customized your code editor to dracula because that’s the theme that most professional coders prefer? Or have you ever changed your attire preference because most people of your profession wear that? “This will look cool!” You know, “I feel like a professional!” If you love it, okay.

If not, do you really have to?

Societal demands! Did you know …until the mid-20th century, pink was the boy color and blue was for girls? Surprise! Infants aren’t born having strong toy preferences. The difference emerges at the same time that children become aware of their gender at which point societal expectations can override innate interests. Toy distinction for kids has dropped a hard shell on gender gap with regard to academics, spatial skills and social skills.

Did you happen to like my surprise? Well here’s another:

Women are not another species of angels! Women are human. Which means they are good and bad and kind and unkind, compassionate and ruthless. ha! Which means that the moral standards for them should not be any higher than for men.

Men like to be liked but they have not been socialized to change themselves in order to be liked by people they hardly even know.  Most women however, have been brought up with the NEED to be liked. To go to the extent of changing, eating a mango like a girl, of being molded by expectations. Of family, of friends, of society. Sad, right?  No, it’s despicable.

If a character is criticized in one gender but not in another, then the problem is deductively not in the character.

“I like me”

Probably something children should be taught as they grow up. To embrace and appreciate themselves for their interests, for things that invigorate them. For things that make them un-apologetically them. To simply be filled with self aura and glow in their skin. To be emotional, I mean girls are allowed to be human beings, and boys are taught to be robotic.

And as exciting as having robots in your house may seem, men grow up not really knowing how to deal with their emotions. It consumes them from the inside out. I honestly think they’d benefit more from being more vulnerable, being more attuned to others.

Feminism seeks, not to malign femininity, and neither masculinity but to appreciate both and to fight stereotype; to not discourage women from having interests that are considered masculine and men from having interests that are considered feminine. Because, women’s roles cant expand if mens don’t.

To be raised a girl or to be raised a boy is to internalize so much that is harmful to you. Why not be raised as a person?

Person is cool, right?

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