Looming Hostel Crisis as First Years Report

On 16th October 2020, the Registrar issued a notice to all Dekut first year students to report to school on 9th November. After reporting, they will be taken through a second orientation from 10th – 13th November, with the first orientation having already been done online. There will then be a revision period extending up to 27th November. First semester examinations for first years are scheduled to begin on 30th November.

The registrar also issued a notice to all 2nd and 3rd year students, as well as certificate and diploma level students, to report to school on 26th October. Their examinations are scheduled to begin on either 2nd November or 9th November.

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All 4th and 5th year students are already in school, with a few having done their exams. However, most exams for finalists are scheduled to begin on 21st and 26th October. It is expected that after finalists finish their first semester exams, they will start their second semester on 9th November instead of going home.

In light of the above information, by the time first years report to Dekut, every other continuing student will be in school. This may lead to a hostel crisis and first years are most likely to suffer from it. The crisis will be made worse by the fact that internal hostels are currently set aside as isolation centers and cannot host students. Additionally, the fare to and from areas such as Embassy and Nyeri Town is up due to the covid-19 pandemic matatu transport regulations. To avoid paying sh 100 to and from school everyday, students are likely to move to hostels that are around the school.

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In the past, first years usually report at the beginning of the semester, before the continuing students come back. It is usually easier for them to get hostels that are near the school. Also, internal hostels are usually available to first years. This time though, they will have a hard time, especially considering that they have never set foot in Dekut.

Thankfully, the capacity of hostels around the school is on the rise, with multiple huge hostels having been put up since the pandemic. Most of them are still under construction though and may not be of immediate help.

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Also, the school can intervene. Transport to areas with hostels such as Nyaribo, Nyeri Town and Embassy should be subsidized with the help of the school buses. This has been happening in the past but more can be done in that area. More of the school buses should be used and there should be more trips for example to town.

All in all, we welcome our dear first year comrades. You are coming to a wonderful place.


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