Love Mwendwa: Influencer of the Week

Love Mwendwa is one of the most influential ladies in Kimathi. She started her journey in first year when she successfully run for the delegate position. She has also been a class rep for her Electrical Engineering class since first year. She has been friends with a good number of the current DeKUTSO officials way before they were ever elected. It would not be a surprise if the 3rd year student vied for office come next elections. If Kimathi did billboards, her face would be a common feature on them as she is often used by the publicity department to market the university. Even now that we don’t have billboards, her photos can be found on the school website and the official Dedan Kimathi Facebook page. We managed to catch up with her and ask her some questions:

Love Mwendwa

1. Love Mwendwa, first of all, what’s up with your name? I had to struggle to save your contact in a way that would not arouse suspicion. Mwendwa translates to “My Love” in Kikuyu and Meru right?

Yes it does. The name was given to me by my grandma because of how much she was loved by my grandpa. Love, my first name, is because the Love of God was expressed during my birth.

2. I’m burning to ask this so let me just get it out of the way first, are you single?


3. Okay… Okay… Now let’s move on. Who is Love?

Love is an outgoing lady and a born again Christian who enjoys spreading the love of God to others in all ways. She also goes for what she wants.

4. So you might be going for a DeKUTSO position, right? I personally think you should. You know a lot of comrades in Kimathi, you have powerful friends in the DeKUTSO, you were once a delegate…

I’m thinking about that. But hakuna decision nimemake so far.

5. Does the university pay you for using your images in the digital publicity campaigns?

No. But it’s nice… I do it because I love my university and I’m proud to reach out to people and tell them how great our school is.

6. So you think our university is great? What makes you think that?

There are a lot of things I love about it: It’s reverence for God… it’s excellence in delivering services. Our learning equipment is top notch especially in the school of engineering. We are usually calm and our students graduate fast and with high honors hence have an advantage in the job market.

I also love the exchange programs which give our students exposure abroad. We are also good in co-curricular activities… The list is endless.

7. I don’t think our university excels in co-curricular activities. The school does not invest in them: no allowances, no coaches… If you get into office, please do something about that. Do you engage in any co-curricular activities?

It’s true that our university does not take sports seriously. I’m not a sporty person but I play chess. Not seriously, just for fun. But I’m also involved in CU activities. Specifically, I’m involved with the mercy desk.

8. What is the mercy desk about?

It involves helping comrades who are in need by giving them food and personal effects. And you don’t have to be a member of the CU to benefit.

9. How does it work? Where do you get the food and how do you know who to give it to?

CU members give me the food and personal effects and I distribute them. If a student is in need, they have to approach me and once they do, I usually have no choice but to believe them.

10. If you weren’t doing Electrical Engineering, what would you be doing?

I’d be doing Tourism and Hospitality.

11. Now tell me, personally, what do you hate about Kimathi? There has to be something.

I have a couple of issues: The equipment used in some departments like Fashion is old. They are also few and inadequate. In sports, there are no allowances when people go to competitions. Then class reps are given allowances once in a semester and that is not enough to cater for costs such as airtime.

Love in a publicity photo for the university

12. Alright. Now let’s do favorites. Your favorite chill spot? Your favorite eating place? And any other favorites you have.

I love chilling in the gazebos outside the mess and in the heroes garden. My favorite eating place… It doesn’t have a name but it’s close to that place where they sell fish. I love their pilau, chapos and samosas.

Also, my favorite FIFA spot is Timo’s place ama kwa Dan na Gacheru.

13. Look at that, you play FIFA. That is so cool. How good are you?

Nishawahi piga watu kadhaa.

14. What’s the most expensive thing you own as a lady?

There’s this necklace I have… Wah… Ilikuwa expensive.

It’s so expensive you can’t even say the price. Come on, give me a figure please.

It was a gift. I don’t know the price. It’s just that it looked so expensive.

15. Being a Class Rep, what is that like?

It’s hard but I love the experience that comes with that cheo.

How much is your allowance?

sh. 300 every time we have a meeting. Meetings occur once or twice a semester.

16. Allow me to laugh. That is a small amount. Do you have any side hustles?

Yes. I’m working on something that will help me give back to the society. It involves talking to high school and primary school children.

17. Give a shout out to an influential lady in Kimathi

Norah Kimathi, the vice chair. She is a role model for ladies who would be interested in joining leadership. She has also done a lot to ensure that all genders have been represented well; the disabled too.

18. Who is the hottest guy in Kimathi?

I’ll pass on that one.

What? Come on. Okay. Is there someone in Kimathi you’ve had a crush on yet never told. It’s time… the future is so uncertain nowadays. You might as well just mention him.

I’ll pass on that one too.

19. You’re spoiling the fun. Anyway, it has been lovely having you as our Influencer of the Week. We wish you all the best. It would be criminal of me not to ask for your social media handles. What are they?

I’m not big on social media but my handle is love_mweshy on both Ig and Twitter.

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