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Is it just me or y’all that lower the volume when Zimenishika song comes on in your system..maneiba wasiskie?? ama ni nyiyi pia? Well unless zimewashika for real,,and lazima kieleweke..

Imebidi I play some music at a time like dis cause dis bitch in crisis! Nimeamka tu sai nkaskia kuna cat in the morning..dafuuuq ara si 8:30…gat hours to get info in my head or else …I’m fucked.

‘Call me your number me your superman,,chochote unataka nitakupa maa,,you’re my girl..’ Waah, Issascam! Someone tell me exactly at which phase of dis life does this even happen?? I mean,, for now I’m starting to see the little lies that lie in the songs we listen to.

No wonder kina ETHIC be my favourite,,these nikkas don’t go chochaing you they gon do isht for you,,ni pombe na urombose fiti end of story..haha! well of course it ain’t the end kuna kuPANDANA…haha end of story! But skiza muziki kesi heals the soul in some typa way.

Speaking of songs..for real though.. VIJANA TUACHE MIHADARATI!!..It don’t need no research to find out rather that about 80% of yuts nowadays kiria drugs…well, The word DRUGS is kinda overrated …don’t you think so fellow yuts?

“We only do alcohol, mary jane, fegi, ndovu…(haha ndovu banar) jabaree…” But the most commonly abused drug prolly in Kenya and world wide is Mary Jane..I even found out that it is called Dagga. It has other names as (Weed, Matree, Shash, Shada, Ndukulu…etc). WANACHACHISHA AUU?? But the ‘Gospel’ rynna if you haven’t noticed, is YOUTHS SHOULD STOP DRUG ABUSE.. Ah mean if you haven’t come across that poster or heard THE SONG are you in Iraq??

Anyways question is why do we do what we do…?

That’s what will make you quit or otherwise..Mhhh!! I can almost see some people judging,…The society is judgmental you know.. Lemmie not go starts from your family. Remember the article I wrote about JUNGLE JUSTICE..basically the unwritten rules in our societies that drug abuse of any kind is BAD. If your society allows drug abuse..tell me you’re in JAMEICA!

Jamaica is just one of the many Countries like Israel, Italy, Uruguay, Canada etc that have legalized the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical use.. apparently it has been decriminalized up to 2 g or cultivation of 5 plants and legal for Rastafari. Well good for the Rastafari! haha.

The legalization debate has been going on recently due to what they call ‘substantial’ shifts in cultural attitudes towards marijuana for medical and recreational use.

As for medical use, effectiveness of marijuana is in conditions such as HIV/AIDS, epilepsy and chemotherapy where it is associated with treating nausea symptoms.

However evidence for therapeutic benefits in conditions such as pain related to rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, tremor and other symptoms in HIV/AIDS is lacking.

Whether youths like it or not, weed has some negative health issues and they are heightened when used during adolescence. These effects include cognitive impairment in multiple areas, including executive functioning, processing speed, memory, perceptual reasoning and verbal comprehension.

studies have shown that there is indeed a relationship between loss of intelligence and adolescent marijuana use.

Substantial evidence also exists suggesting that m.j is harmful to the respiratory system. It also associated with symptoms of obstructive and inflammatory lung disease.

It does not cause lung cancer but increases the risk of getting one. It has also been associated with harmful effects to other organ systems such as the reproductive and immunologic systems. Scared yet?…No???…

Marijuana IS ADDICTIVE. Common myth is that it’s not but the dug shows a withdrawal symptom described by anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, depression, change in appetite ,and affects about 44% of daily users. About 10% of those who use weed become addicted.

It is also considered a risk factor for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. While it does NOT fulfil a standard criteria for causation of schizophrenia, marijuana use may be shown to cause schizophrenia in a genetically vulnerable population.

In English it means if someone had the gene or is genetically associated with people with it, using weed may actually cause a risk of schizophrenia or risks to pronounce a psychotic disorder if one had it.

Let’s talk about RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA.. the question of recreational marijuana is a broader social policy consideration involving, domestic criminal justice policy, international drug cartels ,federal and state tax revenue and the elephant being public health.

These negative effects are more pronounced in adolescents. This argument can be used to abort legalization.

For social safety purposes, marijuana legalization should also be arboted..It causes accidents example motor vehicle accidents mbikos weed impairs the ability to judge time, distance and speed.

It slows reaction time and reduces ability to track moving objects. It is an impairment factor in accidents just as alcohol. Therefore another rule is DO NOT SMOKE AND DRIVE!!

Conclusion is: for compounds used under “medical marijuana” should undergo an approval process like other medications prescribed by physicians including placebo- and active controlled trials to evaluate safety and efficacy, to be used, not by popular vote or state legislature.

Legalization for recreational use may have theoretical (but still unproven) beneficial social effects regarding issues such as domestic criminal justice policy but these effects will not come without substantial health and social costs.

Sadly there is currently lack of resources devoted to educating physicians about this most commonly used illicit substance. Potential benefits and risks should be taught in med schools and residency programs….we’re talking about 2050 maybe!

A study showed that marijuana is prevalent in populations of higher socioeconomic status but additional analyses show that socioeconomic status is not a confounding variable. It goes either way.

Another research carried out by the United Nations showed about 3 Million Kenyans consume Cannabis with the highest being Nigeria (A begoooo! Nigeria pipu,,what is the problem??) Haha..

The PROBLEM(S) are so MANY.. according to @Ndini_Wanjiku ..she gives an example of the unemployed youth who live in upcountry who according to her, abuse it excessively. I say most youths nowadays in Kenya experience problems or should I say..’rude reality’ of unemployment, fear of unemployment haha..

Other problems could be personal problems or family problems, but mostly MONEY Issues..speaking of money issues. HELB!!!Reallllyyyyyyyyy NOOOOWWW!!!!

But honestly speaking we all did not ask to be born. We just found ourselves in a world where apparently Eve had eaten the fruit and God had cursed man to hustle and toil the earth. So for no reason at all..ukajikuta kwa hio situation.

Means that the world will ALWAYS be full of problems until the day you die and even after.. si eti zitaisha. So when you feel f’d up,, just remember Eve and the Serpent f’d up first. (for those who believe in creation)…

I mean,,if you believe in evolution, who do you have to blame? Apes for developing?..its funny even. SO..UNABLAME EVE NA SAITAN UKIWA WAPI??

It narrows down to the global conversation on MENTAL HEALTH. The issue of mental health is just as critical and important as physical health. You can be well physically but not entirely okay mentally. How you handle the problems..well lets call them situations in life that are a bit tough and problematic..may dictate whether you will use MADRE or not..

For recreational purposes, people drink ,smoke cigarettes, Weed etc to have fun. But fun is not on a daily basis I suppose. It may go from fun to an addiction..You don’t always have fun everyday.

You’ll find that there are A LOT of other things in life to do. And responsibilities too. You can choose to explore other things to do if you are an addict looking for a way out.

May 31st marked the World’s Mental Health Day. I remembered I purposed to attend until nkapata fom. But I recently read an article from a fellow blogger about MENTAL HEALTH. He was right by saying this awareness will help eject the stigma about it.

Up to a certain level, there is a relationship between drug use and mental illnesses. Drugs can lead to risk of mental illnesses as in the case of schizophrenia and other psychosis , and also mental disorders and illnesses (that are inborn) may lead to drug abuse. Go argue with your ancestors…

In his article he shed light on certain celebrities who had shared their experiences on their struggle with mental health illnesses..kina Demi Lovato, Kendrik Lamar, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish ,Tom Mboya, Anita Nderu, Sharon Lotui… the list is kinda endless..I came out of depression which had also tied me up in some shit but Yesu ni Bwana. He completes you.

Coming out on the matter of mental illness is kinda tricky mbikos according to me nobary really cares…STIGMA NUMBER ONE! but I shall be sharing my experience OR not..not decided yet.

I was shocked and sad yesterday upon hearing of a student in my campus who committed suicide mbikos of depression.. It happens.

There’s always dat DARK STORY yenye ilikufunzaga the way life goes..ama it was depressing and shit but there’s always hope cannot always share everything about yourself to the world..just don’t let it drown your hopes of living. Find a reason to live.

The question is..kama kuvuta ndukulu itakusaidia usijinyonge..??utado? I’d say vuta kesi baadae but once you realize you’re a bloody King/Queen who can handle all isht..get on your feet and not end up depending on them drugs for joy. Joy comes from your positive attitude towards life.

People perceive drugs as “stress relievers” while in real life they like “stress escape route”. At the end of the day probs are still there you had just tried to ” escape” for the moment.

Mental health disorders may bring moods that need a shada to improve..but there are meds for that..’happy pills’ but they kinda expensive than a blunt..That does not still justify it. It may pronounce the disorder.

SELF LOVE exists and is important for your mental health. The source of my self love is God..even though it is normally inspired by heartbreaks haha..

I mean look at Vera,, had to change her skin tones to match her liking for herself. It was brave of her though we currently do not know if the bitch is black or white no more..

Conclusion..tuache should not be used oftenly mbikos as @KeringRuto says on twitter that we need a sane country not an emotional one. #WhyLegalizeIt…

I believe information is power.. So yuts Habari ndo least think abourit.. I mean if some people beat cancer,, withdrawal symptoms itakushinda?


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