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The elections for delegates are set to take place on 15th October. Here is what you need to know as a voter to ensure that you successfully practice your right to vote.

As usual, each student gets one vote

You need a way to uniquely identify yourself as a student in Kimathi to be allowed to vote. During the upcoming elections, your smart card will be required, so make sure you have it. In case you are still using a temporary ID, bring your national ID or your birth certificate to the polling station.

Bring this cool card with you

After you have voted, you will be marked as proof. Marking will be done either on the small finger or between the fingers.

This would be way more cool

To vote for your favorite candidate, simply make a mark against his or her name; and within the specific box provided. Don’t let your mark extend outside the box. Also, make only one mark on a ballot paper. There are only two types of marks allowed, a tick or a cross. Choose one while selecting your preferred candidate.

If at the time of elections, you have any question or need help, there will be clerks available at the polling stations to help you.

In case of any inquiries, contact one of the electoral commissioners at 0791354209


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