After a long struggles of inadequate shash, due to detention of the bidhaa in several parts of the country, there seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.
New York firm reveals on how they are planning to grow marijuana in a 500 acre land here in our motherland.
To most this is like doom but to the children of the most high this is a long awaited thing and the most answered prayer made by the consumers.
The lease term will be for 25years and Kenya being on the equator provides the best condition all year round for production.
One thing I’m sure of hata wakisema that kuna drought there will be some volunteers ready to do irrigation.
Sad news comes in when the Kenyan government denys of giving such licence permit.
Guys the struggle is real, continue praying. If the deal will be fine then the “venye me huchoma…” And “zimenishika yoo…” Anthem will reign

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