confession is that I met D in a common group on Telegram. He actually sent me a message and we started chatting.He is intelligent and totally sexy but a big flirt and dominating, so we shared our past stories. D got turned on listening to my past sexual escapades so we arranged to meet. We hadn’t shared nudes so I didn’t know what to expect. He showed up…tall.. sexy… tipsy but energetic.He unzipped and unleashed this 9 inch long thick dick and I just melted. Too good to be true.He pulled down my panty and with no foreplay grinded inch by delicious inch into my tight (Not used to that big a dick) pussy. I was so shocked I could ultimately handle that dick.He fucked me hard while strangling me and kissing me on the floor. Then standing, doggy, on the couch, in bed… non stop!All the time getting me to tell him what i have done in the past.
Best sex of my life…. and I have lots of experience.I dont plan on stopping fucking with him… I’m his slave!He is the end for me and has set the bar very high.

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