May 16 Public Opinion Report

1. President Uhuru Kenyatta – Kenyans are unhappy with the President. He allowed demolitions to take place in Ruai at night, without caring for the welfare of the people who would be displaced. He has also extended the curfew and cessation of movement for another 21 days. Kenyans think that the partial lock-down is the only measure the government has been taking against covid-19, yet its ineffective. The President did not address how the government plans to mitigate the adverse economic effects of the lock-down and Kenyans are worried that the situation will get far worse.

2. Ruai – Kenyans are becoming slowly but surely convinced that the government does not care about us. It is unthinkable that the government sanctioned the demolition of houses at night. Things are really bad for the common citizen and now hundreds of people have been left homeless yet there is a curfew and money has gotten scarce. Kenyans feel that nothing could guarantee such cruelty. The situation is even worse in light of the fact that there is a strong likelihood that all these demolitions are being made in preparation for the Northlands City project that belongs to the Kenyattas.

3. Northlands – Kenyans are angry at the misfortunes they are having to suffer because of the Northlands city project, owned by the Kenyattas. The Kariobangi and Ruai demolitions are expected to be just the start of a wave of injustices perpetrated against Kenyans in the name of the project. The issue of how the Kenyattas obtained such a massive parcel of land in the first place has been raised. Citizens have continued to direct ill wishes and insults to the President and his family. Some expect that the continued suffering will eventually lead to an event such as a revolution that will result in the punishment of the Kenyattas and the reclamation of all the public wealth they have wrongfully taken from the public.

4. Musando – Oscar Sudi and Kimani Ngunjiri said that they will reveal Musando’s death, much to the dismay of Kenyans. The two politicians have been accused of throwing around Musando’s death for gains in their political game. They have been challenged to give the information at once. Failing to do so means that they are impeding justice and points to their own involvement in the matter.

5. NMS – Nairobians are uncomfortable with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services and how they have been running Nairobi county since they took over from the county government. The NMS is blamed for the demolitions in Ruai. Today, the LSK declined to appoint a lawyer to the NMS after finding it unlawful. Kenyans are worried that the NMS is only in place to militarize the county and give cover for activities such as the Ruai demolitions and personal agenda such as the Northlands City.

6. Sonko – Nairobians are of the opinion that had Sonko been in charge, the Ruai evictions would not have happened the way they did. The only hope now is for Sonko to regain control of Nairobi, failure to which Nairobians anticipate even more suffering at the hands of the Nairobi Metropolitan Service.

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