May 17 Public Opinion Report

1. Stella – Every year on May 17, Kenyans recall the tragedy that involved Freshley Mwamburi getting his heart broken by Stella. The legend goes that Mwamburi – a musician in Nairobi – and Stella, a KU student, fell in love. They would have settled down together had Stella not gotten a scholarship to study in Japan. It is said that Mwamburi, being a young man in love, sold his property to help Stella have a comfortable stay in Japan. Poor Mwamburi got the shock of his life when he went to welcome Stella back into Kenya only to find her in the company of another man, her short Japanese husband. The heartbroken Mwamburi poured his sorrow into a song and it went on to become a timeless hit. Click here to read more about the story.

2. Sakaja – Kenyans are disappointed with Sakaja, the Nairobi Senator. He has been silent and has stood by as the Kariobangi and Ruai demolitions happen. Kenyans now think of him as a double faced agent who pretends to be on the public’s side and at the same time dines with the public’s enemies. It seems that he only speaks in line with what the President wants and is not the people’s spokesperson as he would have us believe but Uhuru’s spokesperson. Nairobians have gone ahead to vehemently criticize him and they regret voting him in.

3. Candle Light Memorial – Kenyans join the world in remembering friends and family who succumbed to HIV/AIDS, through the candle light memorial. We also celebrate the people living with AIDS, who continue to fight the war and have so far prevailed and the progress that has been made regarding the stigma surrounding AIDS.

4. Dj Evolve – In Kenya, it appears that as long as you will pay the bills, there is no problem with walking around shooting people. DJ Evolve is said to be discharged from hospital and Babu Owino faithful are thanking the Embakasi MP for paying Evolve’s bill. They also want us to understand that man is to error and that, since the DJ is well, we should forget and move on. And most of us seem to have done exactly that. Babu Owino’s image in the public has grown so good, especially with his ongoing online lessons for KCSE candidates, that it can handle a small thing such as a public shooting.

5. Magufuli – Magufuli has announced that he will be reopening colleges and continuing sports in Tanzania in the course of this week. The Tanzanian situation is in stark contrast to our own here in Kenya, with the partial lock-down and cessation of movement into and out of some counties. Kenyans were not happy with the extension of these measures, announced yesterday by the President. However, most of us are very critical of Magufuli’s stand and were in support of the decision to close our border with Tanzania. The million dollar question is this: Kenyans and Tanzanians believe their governments are both in the right. Is the Tanzanian government fooling them or are we being fooled as Kenyans? The number of tests so far in Kenya is curiously low and there have been speculations that the government is deliberately under-testing. The president also seems to have other priorities: the construction of Northlands City as evidenced by the inhumane demolitions in Nairobi and the consolidation of his power as witnessed in the recent purging in Jubilee. We therefore cannot be blamed for questioning our President’s intentions and consequently, the policies that he adopts.

6. Sonko – The embattled Nairobi governor continues to enjoy the good will of Kenyans. Everybody seems to agree that Sonko would not have allowed the Kariobangi and Ruai demolitions to happen without intervening. His genuine desire to help his people might have been a stumbling block to President Uhuru and his government and may have led to his being replaced by the NMS – that is the prevailing opinion. Especially in contrast to Sakaja, Sonko is currently seen as an angel.

7. Prayers for Ruto – Ruto supporters took to Twitter to pray for him and tweet their support. Ruto is now seen as a religious man in the public’s eye, which seems to be working greatly in his favor. Hustler Nation believes that even if the dynasties side is supported by the system and is thus the Goliath, Ruto and his team have God on their side and are thus the David of the story. Denis Itumbi has also hinted at some assassination plots against the DP, which may be the reason for the prayers offered on his behalf today.

8. Mahiga Homes Exposed – Mahiga Homes seem to have messed with the wrong person. Influencers on Twitter are hell bent on exposing the real estate company. Among the issues mentioned include: Delaying the issuance of title deeds, using unverified land to build houses and building houses that are different from what they promised. Kenyans living in the US seem to make up a considerable part of the victims. Inadequate regulation in the real estate sector has been pointed out as the reason why such scams are prevalent.

9. IEBC – IEBC decided to release the records of the 2017 General Election online. Kenyans took the opportunity to go through the data with a fine tooth comb and identified irregularities. The most glaring error was the record that Millie Odhiambo vied under the Amani National Congress and that she got only 65 votes. Consequently, she lost the election and so did Ken Okoth. Some have pointed out that these are not errors as such but an indication of the gross lack of integrity in the IEBC. Some even think that the results of the rumored upcoming referendum have already been determined.

10. Rift Valley – Most of the people whose houses have been demolished in Ruai and Kariobangi are said to be victims of the 2007 Post Election Violence. They are said to have been allocated the land in Nairobi after being displace from Rift Valley. Ruto has been connected with the displacement and some Kenyans ask whether his alleged involvement in the PEV should just be swept under the rug? At the same time, Gideon Moi has met a section of Rift Valley leaders in what is seen as a bid to consolidate his power in the region. Some are of the opinion that Ruto’s hold on Rift Valley will end up weakening because he is banking on support from Central.

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