May 19 Public Opinion Report

1. Dj Evolve – A few days ago, reports spread on social media indicating that Dj Evolve had been released from hospital upon recovery and that his bill had been settled by Babu Owino. Most of us praised Babu Owino and had anyone asked if shooting a Kenyan twice with irrefutable evidence was a crime, we would have confidently answered no. An article by the Star today reveals otherwise. It appears that not only is the Dj not fully recovered but that his bill is also yet to be settled. Babu paid only 5 out of the 16 M. Dj Evolve’s legs are not moving and he has been transferred to the general ward, where he is likely to receive less care than he needs. Miguna Miguna has called for Kenyans to agitate for the arrest and charging of Babu. However, Babu – especially after his online KCSE lessons – seems to have earned the public’s forgiveness for shooting one of them; a forgiveness which none of us commoners can ever expect, even for a less significant crime.

2. Edgar Obare – Edgar Obare has been trending after his expose on a boys’ club that Jalang’o belongs to. In the YouTube video – which Edgar has since pulled down after alleged threats – he exposes a group of men in Nairobi, the boys’ club, who use big cars and posh homes to land women. Some Kenyans think that Edgar is out of line for such exposes and that the privacy of adults should be respected. Others thank Edgar for the gossip and can’t wait for the next expose. The Boy Child Association maintains that Edgar is a shameless snitch and nothing else. Edgar himself says he is considering a change in the type of his content to safeguard himself and his family.

3. Mahiga Homes – Mahiga Homes’ public image recently took a hit when Kenyans took to twitter to complain about them, saying that their projects were a scam. Today, the real estate company sponsored a retaliatory campaign using the hashtag NumbersDontLie. Influencers have been showing evidence of completed projects in photo and video form. It is interesting to note that the initial campaign against Mahiga had also been driven by Influencers on twitter. This goes to show that you should not take what you see on twitter as the gospel truth because at the end of the day, everything you see is manipulated from behind the scenes by some influencers, who are usually paid.

4. GEMA – GEMA seems to be divided into two, a seemingly huge group backing Ruto and a seemingly small group backing Uhuru. Majority of them believe that they were stupid to vote in Uhuru. Uhuru has been selfishly pursuing his family’s gain as evidenced by the Ruai and Kariobangi evictions for Northlands City sewerage to be constructed. It’s unfortunate that most of those evicted are Kikuyu who woke up to vote for Uhuru in the wee hours of the night. GEMA, angry at Uhuru, think that Ruto is the solution. This should make no sense because until a few months ago, Ruto and Uhuru were always birds of a feather. So if Ruto is good, then Uhuru is also good yet we have already seen how bad Uhuru is, meaning that Ruto is no different. However, Kenyans are extremely gullible and we allow ourselves to be played like children. We’ve been singing praises for Babu Owino for his online lessons yet he clearly shot someone who is still in hospital with an shs 11M bill. So of course, like the gullible fools we are, we will readily believe that one hyena is better than another hyena. It’s unfortunate but as Moses Kuria says in a tweet below, it’s our constitutional right to be stupid.

5. The Great Covid-19 Innovation Challenge – Kenyans have celebrated the successful completion of the covid-19 hackathon, which ends today. The challenge has been productive, with over 300 submissions, some of which will receive support and solve a myriad of problems in the country. The success of the hackathon has been taken as proof that we have everything we need in Kenya to solve our challenges. However, the youth don’t receive enough support for their innovations and they end up useless. Kenyans have called for support to innovation to be improved.

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