May 20 Public Opinion Report

1. Larry Madowo – Larry is being celebrated by Kenyans as a hero after winning the Philip Greer award for his financial writing at the Columbia School of Journalism. We are proud of him and he has henceforth joined the list of people that we brag of in our Twitter brawls with other countries. Another of Madowo’s achievements that has come to light today is that he is one of the few people who have been able to put Miguna Miguna in his place during an interview. It has also been pointed out that the trend has never been the same since Madowo left.

2. Kithure Kindiki – Kindiki, deputy speaker of the Senate and the latest victim of the Jubilee purge, seems to be done for. Majority of Senators have already voted to remove him from his position. Even Tanga Tanga allied Senators like Millicent Omanga have voted to oust him. Uhuru supporters are taking this as irrefutable proof that Tanga Tanga’s numbers were delusional and that there is only one center of power in the Jubilee Party and in the country. Those in DP Ruto’s camp think that Kindiki is being removed to pave way for Ruto’s impeachment but they insist that they are not afraid.

3. Sabina Chege – Sabina Chege, Murang’a Women Rep and Kimani Ichung’wa, Kikuyu Mp, appeared on News Night to discuss the latest Jubilee drama. Sabina Chege was in support of the President and the purging of DP Ruto’s allies. This has caused a backlash against her on twitter. Her competency in Murang’a has been questioned. She has also been painted as a sycophant who has no interest in the welfare of her people.

4. World Bank – The World Bank has approved a sh 106 Billion loan to Kenya. The loan comes after a report that ranks Kenya second in terms of stashing foreign aid money in offshore accounts. Kenyans are concerned that the money will end up in the pockets of a few people in government as history has shown. We will then end up paying for this loan with another loan and Kenyans seem resigned to their fate. If most of us were to have our way, the country would no longer borrow. We continue to receive loans yet it is unclear what the government has accomplished with the significant foreign aid that we have received so far.

5. Namanga – Reports have emerged that Tanzania is not testing truckers as they come into Kenya and Namanga is a covid-19 hotspot. The number of positive cases at Namanga and other towns close to the border such as Lunga Lunga and Taveta has continued to rise. It has also emerged that health interns working at border towns are working with no PPEs and no risk allowance.

6. Ask the DG – Ministry of Health DG Patrick Amoth today went to twitter to address the concerns of Kenyans. Citizens had the chance to ask him questions within a one hour session. Th issues raised include: The number of cases in Eastleigh and Old Town, the fact that countries like Uganda are way ahead of Kenya in numbers tested and the government’s plan for mass testing in the country. This session has been well received by Kenyans and is boosting the Ministry’s public image.

7. Diana and Jalango’s Boys Club – Jalang’o and his Boys Club have been trending after an expose by Edgar Obare on YouTube. In a twist, it appears that Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife, was once involved with the Boys’s Club. Her photos with them have appeared from nowhere and have been circulating widely on Twitter.

8. Reddington – Reddington, according to Kenyans today, is the most interesting movie series character. He has been place above Money Heist’s Professor and Sherlock Holmes.

9. End Teen Pregnancies in Kenya – After the realization that more girls are at an increased risk of teen pregnancies, miscarriages and child marriage, Kenyans have taken to twitter to agitate for solutions to be found. The numerous evils of teen pregnancies have been highlighted. There is dire need to immediately put in place mitigating measures. Various organizations have come forward to present solutions. Among them is the provision of comprehensive sex education to young people so that they are in a position to protect themselves. There are also hotlines such as Auntie Jane, which are available 24/7 to anyone who may need answers on such matters.

10. Tony Waswa – Tony Waswa, brother to Moses Wetangula and Tim Wanyonyi, was laid to rest today in a private burial at his family home. Kenyans have conveyed their condolences to the family. It is reported that his death is corona virus related and some Kenyans have taken this as a sign that the virus is real and should be taken seriously.

11. End Wildlife Trade – The reduction in travel has seen a reduction in wildlife poaching. Wildlife activists are calling for a wildlife trade ban as a final push to safeguard our wildlife. Failure to implement such a ban will lead to increased trading and poaching and may undo all conservation efforts so far. Wildlife trade has also been linked with pandemics and some experts say that to prevent pandemics in future, the trade should be banned.

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