May 21 Trend Report

1. Boys Club – The Boys Club story continues to trend and it has gotten bad for Jalang’o and Diana Bahati. Most people continue to ridicule Jalang’o’s Boys Club and to harshly criticize him and his friends for their immorality. This is despite a post released by Jalang’o that tells his side of the story. In the post, he explains that the WhatsApp screenshots have been maliciously taken out of context. He adds that Edgar Obare has, for some time now, been keen to spin stories painting Jalang’o in an evil light. Meanwhile, Diana Marua and Bahati continue to be the subject of cruel ridicule. A few people are criticizing Edgar Obare and hope that he is happy after wrecking lives. Others continue to praise him for “exposing immorality”

2. Tharaka Niithi – Kenyans have been treated to drama amid the report that a man sealed his wife’s genitals and mouth with superglue for infidelity. The man had travelled to Tharaka Nithi despite the lockdown. James was today arrested in his hideout in Kitui and will be arraigned in court soon.

3. Foreign Aid Looters – Once again, it becomes clear as day that our government is corrupt beyond measure. The Daily Nation reports that 328 billion, out of foreign aid money that was to help us, has been stashed abroad by our dear politicans. Kenyans took to twitter to sing the Corruption song that has become second nature to us. Here’s what will happen: We’ll sing ourselves hoarse, the government will throw some quality political drama our way – I can bet that Ruto will be at the center of it, and we’ll forget. Only to start the song again one or two months from now when hundreds of billions have been stolen again. After all, as Moses Kuria said, it is our constitutional right to be stupid.

4. Atwoli – Kenyans seem to unanimously echo Ahmednasir’s comments on COTU Sec Gen Atwoli. Ahmednasir thinks that Atwoli is illiterate and is in no position to be advising the President. Kenyans also think that he has completely abandoned his role as the champion of laborers in the country and has directed all is focus on fighting Ruto.

5. Nivalishe Pad Campaign – Kenyans have taken to twitter to call for more to be done regarding the menstrual health of girls in the country through the Nivalishe Pad campaign. Areas of concern have been pointed out and solutions proposed, with politicians being called on to provide aid. Kenyans have also been urged to help where they can, even in small ways. Men have been asked to learn more about menstrual health and to help their relationship partners accordingly.

6. Vijana na Kiambu – Influencers today sponsored a hashtag, Vijana na Kiambu, calling on Kiambu youth to stand with the less fortunate. The campaign is encouraging youth to send money which will be used in cushioning the livelihoods of the less fortunate in Kiambu. Youth who are not from Kiambu were also called upon to participate in the fund drive.

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